Welcome to part two of our blog series where we talk about the various ways that women wore their hair over the decades. In our last post, we started in the 1900s and worked our way to the 1950s. Today, we continue to cover the various styles starting in the 1960s. These decades are known for their big hair and adventurous styles, which is exactly why the team at Manic Panic loves this particular time frame. Many of the styles that we’re going to cover in today’s blog post are still widely known and associated with their particular era. With that being said, let’s get started.

Hair in the 1960s

If you’re a big fan of big hair, you can thank the 1960s for this look. Twiggy was the icon that made this look so desirable. While there were still a few people that were wearing their hair short, a majority of women started wearing their hair just a little bit longer with more volume. Some of the more popular looks were the bouffants and beehives, and believe us when we say that teasing of hair was something that all women did. 

Hair in the 1970s

The 1970s is known for the hippie movement, which is when women started to lean towards the more natural hair styling. In many instances, women wore their hair long and had a nice messy look to it. Given that the natural look had become quite popular, it was completely acceptable for women to wear their hair messy and consider it styled. On top of that, various accessories were added to the mix, one of the most popular was the head band. These bands would have intricate details on the top of the head and tie in the back, where the hair would cover the tie. Live flowers were also commonly worn in hair, whether tucked behind the ear, pinned in the hair, or as a crown, they added a beautiful touch to all hair styles. 

Hair in the 1980s

Another era known for their hair, the 1980s had big, wild hair that people wore proudly. This is the time where hair was recognized as being big, and that’s generally because it was teased and sprayed so that it stayed in place. Curls were also incredibly popular, as were fringed bangs. Younger women and girls also wore their ponytails to the side, which is still a look that people associate with this time frame. Spikes were yet another popular look for women who chose to wear their hair shorter. All in all, this was a pretty iconic time period for hair. 

Hair in the 1990s

The last decade that we’re going to touch on is the 1990s. This was a year of much simpler hairstyles and an overall natural look. Women began to wear their hair as it was. Whether that was in the form of natural curls or stick straight hair, it was easy and effortless to style your hair. Aside from that, cutting your hair in layers and framing the face became a very popular look. One of the ways that people were able to frame their face was by cutting bangs that went straight across. In the 1990s, bangs were much cleaner than those in the 80s. Even though the hair was a bit simpler in terms of the cut and color, there were still various hair accessories used. Clips, headbands, and scrunchies were among the most popular hair accessories that women wore in their hair throughout the 90s, and a majority of them are still popularly worn today. 

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