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Manic Panic Classic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Classic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Manic Panic Creamtones Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Creamtones Pastel Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color
Amplified Longer Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair Color
Dye Hard Styling Gel
Dye Hard Styling Gel
Amplified Temporary Hair Color & Root Touch Up
Amplified Temporary Hair Color Spray
Manic Panic Professional
Manic Panic Professional


Cream and Gel Formula Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Home and Professional Use.

Vegan Formula colors and conditions hair.

Manic Panic® Hair Colors are ready to use, do not mix with peroxide. 

Manic Panic, with 41 Years of experience as leaders of The Color Rebellion, is proud to say our hair colors have always been Vegan and Cruelty Free.

And our products are also…
·Made in the USA