Hair is one of the many things that can take us back to a certain time or place. It’s one of the most common ways to showcase our personalities and can be changed over and over again, which is why we’ve seen so many different trends over the years. The team at Manic Panic, as hair enthusiasts, can’t help but love the various styles women use that we’ve seen in our lifetime, but also some of the classic looks that take us back to a particular era. 

In today’s blog, we are going to go over some of  women’s hair trends that have happened over the decades. Given that hair is a way for people to display their personality and there are countless styles that have happened over the years, we are only going to go over a handful of the most popular for a chunk of the decades. Let’s dive in. 

Hair in the 1900s

Curls were a big thing in the 1900s and were often incorporated into a majority of their hair styles. During this time, permanent hair curling was something that most women did. Once they had their hair permanently curled, they would either wear it up with a few loose curls falling or they’d opt for their hair down where their curls could be shown off in their full glory. This beautiful look was incredibly natural and simplistic in its design, something that we love looking back on in pictures. 

Hair in the 1910s

The 1910s took curls to the next level, where ringlets were incredibly popular. These tight curls were often worn in an updo with a few tight curls or completely down. Though the styling didn’t necessarily change much, accessories were frequently used when styling hair. Some of the most popular accessories were bows, hats, and pins that added a little something extra to the overall look. 

Hair in the 1920s

Long hair had been the primary means of styling for women, that is, until the 1920s. During this time, women were starting to cut their hair into shorter bobs. Even the women that didn’t want to cut their hair short were rocking bobs that they themselves had styled. With that being said, the permanent curls were still around. So, women would use dozens of clips to pin their curls up below their hair. This would give the appearance of a cute bob, without having to cut inches off their hair. 

Hair in the 1930s

By the 1930s, curls were still in fashion and commonly worn by women. The one thing that we did see change was the popular length. Jean Harlow was one of the most popular actresses and a sex symbol at the time. Her gorgeous, blonde curls were something that all could admire. Women wanted to look sleek, and their hair was the primary way that they did so. They would comb the top of their heads and pin the hair tight, while letting their tight curls flow loosely at the bottom. 

Hair in the 1940s

One of the most popular hairstyles in history comes from the 1940s: victory rolls. These gorgeous curls were a very fashionable way for women to look elegant, sophisticated, classic, and sexy. It’s the hairstyle that is most commonly associated with pin up girls and a look that many women still use as inspiration for styling their hair today. These curls would sit at the top of the head with long hair curled at the bottom, making it a look that worked for both casual and formal wear. 

Hair in the 1950s

Long hair was the last thing that women wanted in the 1950s. In this decade, women enjoyed clean cut hair styles that, while beautiful, required much less maintenance. There were still large curls, but this is also the time where women started to wear their hair naturally, so straight hair was much more common. One thing that we did notice with these shorter bob styles was that many women dedicated tons of time to ensuring their hair always looked beautiful and chic.

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We’ve only just started talking about the history of women’s hairstyles over the decades, but we aren’t done yet. In our next blog post, we will talk about the next 50 years of hairstyles that women adored. For now, head over to the Manic Panic shop, and browse the variety of temporary hair color gels that we have as well as our Classic High Voltage® permanent hair dye that we have available online. Make sure to check back for part two of this series!