White Hair Dye / Tone Your Hair White!

These Manic Panic toning shades work the way our hair color does! Its semi-permanent direct dye that deposits tone/color into the hair. It won't lift so all of your bleaching/pre-lightening needs to be done prior to toning!

In order to achieve that really light, cool icy blonde (if that's what you're going for), you'll need to achieve the lightest possible level of blonde prior! Most people will need a level 9/10+ hair prior to toning to ensure the best results. If you are unsure about what hair level you're at now always feel free to consult our hair level chart and/or reach out to

All Manic Panic colors are completely vegan and free of harsh chemicals. While normal shades can last 6-8 weeks, toning shades will most likely need to be touched up more often. Or you can use products like our Silver Stieleto shampoo and conditioner to maintain that cool blonde for longer!