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Light Blonde - Level 9 - Shop by Hair Level

Are you a level 9 pre-lightened blonde? Great news, you can use SO many colors! Almost every shade except for pastel, silvers/grays, light blues, or toning shades like Virgin Snow will work on level 9 hair. Many people with level 9 hair choose colors that are pastel and may get less-than-desired results so we want to give you a range of colors that should give you great coverage. For best results, you'll want to make sure to ALWAYS strand test to see how it will show up before coloring all over. A lot of issues can be avoided with the right color and the right mix! You can also create your own mixes and use Pastelizer to soften any color or customize any shade to your hair level! If you do want to go pastel and your hair isn't quite platinum, just get a darker version of that color to punch up the pastel to mix in!

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