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Manic Panic Creature of the Night: Vampire Fake Blood Vibrant Halloween Makeup

About this item

  • Fake Blood Makeup For Halloween And Cosplay; Vibrant Red With Moderate Flow Making It Easy To Create Realistic Blood Effect; For All Your Dripping Gushing And Splattering Needs; Great For Face Body Props And Clothes
  • Works For Multiple Occasions; Use For Special Effects Makeup And Prosthetics; Fake Wounds And Lacerations; Create Scabs Scrapes Or Blood Clots; Theater Productions Or Stage Blood; Halloween Fake Blood; Great For Haunted Houses And Carnivals
  • Perfect Halloween Blood Makeup To Add To Costumes And Parties; Zombies; Vampire Blood Makeup; Monsters; Scary Clowns And More
  • Easy To Use Application; Pour Blood Makeup Into Any Non Porous Container And Apply With Sponge Fingertips Or Brush; Washable Blood Can Easily Be Removed With Soap And Water
  • Vegan And Cruelty Free; Non Toxic; Non Comedogenic; Made In The USA; Tested On Celebrities Not Animals; May Stain Clothing Or Porous Surfaces