Lust Dust® - Ultra™ Violet

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Ultra Violet™ Lust Dust® - Create a lilac look with this shimmering violet shadow. This loose mineral fine powder is loaded with pigment, and can be used for your face, body, hair, or anywhere. Dab some on eye area with fingertip or smudge tool. For the ultimate staying power, mix it with a touch of our Glam Glue™ cosmetic sealant. 

Glamnation® Cosmetics

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What Sets UsApart

4-6 weeks of color

Our semi-permanent hair colors shine brighter and bolder for much, MUCH longer than other dye brands.

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Easy to apply

Your hair, your vision, your way! Get a salon-quality dye job in the comfort of your own home.

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Vegan Products

100% vegan and cruelty free since ‘77. You can always count on Manic Panic to bring the Guilt-Free Glamour.

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