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Fuschia Shock™ Curly Human Hair Glam Strips®


Add a wild streak of Manic Panic® Hair Color that can be styled, braided, or let loose. Because they are made especially from quality human hair, they can be heat styled or treated just like you would your very own hair. Add a streak of Flaming Red hair with  Manic Panic® Curly Human Hair Glam Strips®! 

Manic Panic® Human Hair Glam Strips® connect into your hair with a unique "flipping comb" tiny clip that is invisible when tucked under a strand (locks best when fastened close to the scalp). The little clip may be invisible, but the glam and the manic most certainly is NOT!  

Boost your style instantly ~ carry a strip in your bag so you don't look drab. Add a streak, add a stripe, add a few different colors! Style them and reuse them.