Deadly Nightshade® - Classic High Voltage®

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Beautiful and lethal, Deadly Nightshade® is our darkest violet hair dye. Beware: this deep, mysterious color will have onlookers dropping to their knees! Deadly Nightshade™ gives luscious berry highlights to dark hair or irresistible aubergine tones to bleach blondes.

 Faded Faves: Deadly Nightshade® fades from a deep violet to a blue, burgundy shade.


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What Sets UsApart

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4-6 weeks of color

Our semi-permanent hair colors shine brighter and bolder for much, MUCH longer than other dye brands.

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Easy to apply

Your hair, your vision, your way! Get a salon-quality dye job in the comfort of your own home.

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Vegan Products

100% vegan and cruelty free since ‘77. You can always count on Manic Panic to bring the Guilt-Free Glamour.

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