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Cotton Candy™ Pink - Amplified™


      Neon Cotton Candy Pink is a lovely, bright cool-toned pink hair dye. This shade glows under a black light, so we recommend using Cotton Candy Pink on hair that's been lightened to a very light level 9 blonde.

    2. To finish off with a matching pink lip, we recommend wearing our Lethal™ Lipstick Hot Hot Hot™.
    3. Tested on celebrities, not animals™.
    1. How many 4oz containers of Manic Panic hair color should I buy?
      1. Short Hair up to Bob Length: 1 jar/bottle for thin or thick hair.
      2. Below the Shoulder up to Waist Length: 2 jars/bottles for thin hair and 2-3 for thick hair.
      3. Tailbone or Longer: 3 or more jars for thin or thick hair.
    1. Style: Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
    2. Color: Cotton Candy Pink
    3. Color Description - Neon Pink Hair Dye
    4. Volume: 4oz / 118ml
    5. Ingredients: Vegan Friendly, PPD Free!
    6. Additional Features: Benefits of Conditioning Hair, Resealable Tub For Longer Use, Comes With Instructions
    7. Duration: 4 - 6 weeks
    8. For Best Results: See Instructions Tab