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Classic High Voltage® Beach Towel

The Manic Panic® Classic High Voltage® Beach Towel is a fun way to add more color to your everyday life! Lay it out at the beach or in the park for a nap, a picnic, yoga practice, or while sunbathing. Take it on your next swimming trip to the lake or the pool - or use it as your designated hair coloring towel!

Thinner than traditional terry or cotton towels, our towel’s advanced microfiber suede material can soak up several times its own weight in water. Its smooth surface doesn’t collect dirt and makes shaking off sand a breeze! It dries much faster too, so it'll be ready for the next round just as soon as you are! A fabulous gift idea!


  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Suede Fabric
  • Super Soft & Anti-Microbial
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Approximately 55” Long by 28” Wide