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Dry Shampoo - Hair Freshener

Manic Panic Hair Freshener is for everyone! Since we all know that frequent shampooing can fade your color and dry out your hair, we had to make a dry shampoo specifically formulated to help you preserve your Manic Panic semi-permanent shade. Fight the fade with gentle, natural ingredients (like rice flour). Not only is our Dry Shampoo as gentle as our dye, but it smells like fresh citrus.

Bonus? Our aerosol-free pump bottle means this product is easy to use and TSA-approved! Throw it in your bag to perk up your hair after the gym and prevent an oily scalp, or mid-day when you need for an added boost! Use in-between washes to keep your hair looking fresh, colorful, voluminous, and smelling amazing

Directions : Apply to dry hair as needed to refresh oily hair. Hold the bottle about an inch away from the scalp and shake the bottle before pumping it onto the hair at the root. Comb through and massage into hair to blend. Done! Safe for daily use.  

Size - Net Wt. 20G / .71oz