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Tenacious, Fabulous, Punk Glamorous… it’s the 1977 Edition Tish & Snooky® Manic Panic® Paper Dolls! Download and print yourself on a standard piece of 8.5x11" printing paper. For sturdier material, print on card stock.

  • A fun activity while waiting for your hair color to process!
  • Get a discount when you buy both dolls at the same time!
  • 100% of proceeds from the sale of these dolls will be donated to our monthly charity, so have fun for a great cause!
  • Cut around the finer details if using scissors, or carefully use a craft knife on a suitable cutting surface for precision cutting.
  • We recommend young ones have an adult help them with the cutting process.

Be sure to share pics of you and your dolls, and tag us @manicpanicnyc / use the hashtag #tishandsnookypaperdolls

Original artwork by Manic Panic employee Trina Hatfield <3

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