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Manic Panic now available at !



See our level swatches below to visualize how Manic Panic will look on your hair! We also have our Blue Lightning™ Bleach Kit with Mega Blue™ Toner to get your hair prepped for lighter colors! 
Electric Lizard Amplified
Electric Lizard™ Amplified™
Atomic Turquoise Amplified
Atomic Turquoise® Amplified™
Vampire Red Amplified
Vampire Red® Amplified™
Electric Amethyst Amplified
Electric Amethyst™ Amplified™
Hot Hot Pink Amplified
Hot Hot™ Pink Amplified™
Cotton Candy Pink™ Amplified
Cotton Candy Pink™ Amplified™
Ultra™ Violet Amplified
Ultra™ Violet Amplified™
Blue Lightning Bleach Kit
Blue Lightning™ Bleach Kit™