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Downtown Diva® Starlight™ Kit


Are you a Downtown Diva®? Do you want to be? If glamour is something you inherently feel, then let us provide you with the tools of the trade. Our Downtown Diva® Makeup Kits have everything you need for instant glam-on-the-go – day or night – all in a cute and compact drawstring chiffon pouch. 

All cosmetics in this kit are 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free! 

Glamnation® Cosmetics

Kit Contents
Downtown Diva® Starlight™ Kit Includes: 
  • one glossy finish black Raven™ Cross Gloss™ 
  • one pair of Starlight™ Glitter Glam™ Lashes with case & latex-free eyelash glue 
  • one bottle of Starry Night™ Claw Colors™ nail lacquer
  • one chiffon drawstring pouch