What to Tell Nosey People Who Comment On Your Kid's Hair Dye

What is with all the mom-shaming these days, nay, parent-shaming? At Manic Panic®, we have seen this, firsthand, with all of the nasty comments made on our littlest hair dye ambassadors, Tiny Bangs social media accounts.

We know that these two precious girls are not the only minors painting their hair and flaunting their gigantic personalities on their tiny heads. So, in today’s post, we’d like to offer some practical advice for the parents who let their kids express their uniqueness and get scoffs, comments, and unsolicited advice from passersby.

Before we dive right into the advice, we’d like to take a brief moment to reiterate that we love children more than bunnies, and we are loud advocates for them (both kids and bunnies). All of our products are semi-permanent, vegan and cruelty-free. All of our Manic Panic hair colors and cosmetics are PPD, paraben, ammonia, peroxide, phthalate, and resorcinol-free. Tested on celebrities, not animals™, you can rest assured it is as safe for your kiddos as it is for you and your pet rat — although we would highly encourage you not to try it on your pets!

Comebacks For Those Who Feel The Need To Comment On Your Kid’s Hair

There are a number of ways you can react to the negative and judgemental comments that your family and complete strangers may offer you regarding the rearing and raising of your children. Undoubtedly, you’ve already encountered a thousand unwelcomed comments and passing judgments “oh, you don’t breastfeed anymore?” “oh, you co-sleep?” “oh, you give him juice?” The truth is, kids are kids. They cry, they say what’s on their mind, and they are their own little people. We just have to do the best we can to guide them into being the best versions of themselves — and that begins with self-expression!

So, it will depend on who makes the comment and the setting you are in, and even your mood, on how you respond. Here, we are going to offer a few different ways to respond to each of the most common nay-saying comments we see.

They are too young for that!

”Omg, there wasn’t age on the box, how old is old enough?” We have found, that oftentimes when confronted with the question of how to do it better, the challenger has no answer. Because what they really meant was that they didn’t agree with your choices and there is no good age. And, just for your own information, many studies suggest that bleaching or using ammonia-based hair dyes should be reserved for after the onset of puberty. However, Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color doesn’t use the same chemicals, nor is it meant to last the same way other chemically-based dyes are. Let your kids be kids and wash it out!

“False. According to one study suggests that self-awareness and expression begins before the first year of age, developing rapidly, and allowed to flourish, reaches its peak by about 4-5 years of age, so really, we are behind the power curve and are concerned we may have inadvertently stunted her self-expression and that she may grow into a stifled adult.” You should never have to justify your parenting decisions, but if you do feel the need to drop some knowledge on people, science doesn’t lie. Reference your favorite childhood development journal and school those nosey neighbors.

You are ruining her hair!

“And your bun is ruining yours, let your hair down!” The truth is a lot of things damage hair. Life, pollution, washing, brushing, curling, and all the products we use. Fortunately, Manic Panic hair color does no more damage than just washing with your favorite shampoo does. You and your naysaying passersby can rest assured that you are, in fact, not ruining your child’s hair by adding some fun color!

“False, this dye is vegan, paraben-free, PPD-free, ammonia-free, peroxide-free, resorcinol-free, phthalate-free, and gluten-free. So, it’s safer for his hair than the air conditioner at his school is!”

You’re going to give them a complex!

“No, you are.” Here’s the thing, society says that we should express ourselves, but only if it’s on their terms. We should be individual and unique, but only in the way that society dictates. Allowing a child to add fun colors to their hair does not teach them that their natural beauty is not good enough, it teaches them that they are free to express themselves beyond what nature allows. What can give a child a complex is by turning their blonde hair brunette or adding curls to straight hair. Don’t teach them to envy what their friend has, teach them that they can both brush in some purple together.

“Quite the opposite, in fact.” By allowing your child to express themselves with semi-permanent vegan hair color, you are teaching them that you love them any way they are. You are nurturing self-exploration and discovery and will actually raise a healthier, more well-adjusted child. Not to say that those who don’t offer colorful hair dye as a means of expression won’t, but, as long as you aren’t denying your child the opportunity to express themselves, it’s all good!

Reasons That Hair Dye For Kids Is a Good Idea

So, one of your responses has engaged the commenter into a full-on discussion and they are either actually curious or simply attempting to challenge you, you’ll find yourself looking for the justifiable reasons that it’s okay that you dyed your kid’s hair. As we discussed before, you don’t really need one, since they are your kid, but we also understand the pressure. So, a few good reasons you let your kid dye their hair.

  • It’s more temporary than a piercing or tattoo.
  • It’s okay on Halloween, but not a Tuesday?
  • Life is an event worth celebrating!
  • We are teaching her to try new things.
  • Creative expression is important at all ages.
Whatever your reason, whatever the color, you’ll find kid-friendly semi-permanent hair colors for all ages at Manic Panic! Visit our online beauty supply shop to find the right hue for your kiddos and get coloring!