Vibrant hair colors are being seen more and more frequently. With them becoming such a norm, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that children are now asking their parents to dye their hair these bright colors as well. Be it bubble gum pink, neon green, electric blue or a firey red, these colors appeal to kids and are a fun and exciting way for them to express themselves. For some parents, the idea of coloring children’s hair is out of the question, but the reality is that there is no harm done in doing so. If you, as a parent, are okay with your child having brightly colored hair, so be it. 

With that being said, the team at Manic Panic is going to touch on a few of the things that you should consider when dying your child’s hair as well as a few tips to ensure they get the gorgeous look they want. After all, the last thing that you want is a child begging you to dye their hair back to their original color.

Look at Ingredients

The ingredients used in hair color treatments are something that you should always be looking at, but when it comes to dying your child’s hair you most certainly want to examine them closely. The primary reason is that their hair is so much finer and, in most cases, it’s still incredibly healthy. For that reason, you’re going to want to find products that are gentle on hair and are missing harsh chemicals like ammonia in their ingredient list. 

Opt for Vegan Products

While we’re on the topic of gentle hair care products, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of choosing a vegan hair dye. For starters, the ingredients are going to be natural, meaning that they will be gentle on the hair and less likely to cause a reaction. This also means that your child can enjoy their vibrant hair color without winding up with dry, brittle hair. Aside from that, these products are 100 percent cruelty free, which we can all get behind.

Temporary vs. Semi Permanent

One of the most important things that you as the parent need to consider is whether or not you’re okay with your child dying their hair with a semi-permanent dye. At times, you may need to look into whether or not their school or activities they participate in have any restrictions against colored hair. If there are, semi-permanent hair color is going to be out of the picture. This type of hair dye will eventually grow out, but it does take quite a bit of time for that to happen. In the case that semi permanent hair color is not an option, there are still temporary hair dyes that you can take advantage of. 

If you’re not entirely sure which answer is right — should you let them dye their hair, or not? — find comfort in knowing that there are temporary products that can give them the satisfaction of having bright blue hair, with the ability to wash it out before school starts on Monday morning. Manic Panic fully understands that this is a good place to start for many dying their hair for the first time, but also for treating children’s hair. That is why we’ve created a large collection of vibrant temporary hair dyes. 

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The idea of your little one choosing to dye their hair an electric hair color may be scary at first, but remind yourself that this is simply a fun way for them to show off their personality. Like we said above, start with temporary color, and go from there.  

When you’re in need of quality vegan hair dyes, you can always count on Manic Panic. We are known for the quality of product that we put out and the results that our vegan hair dye provides. Learn more about why you should choose Manic Panic over other brands of hair dye, and place your order online today! If you are ever in need of styling tips or how-to tutorials, we’ve got you covered. You can either check out our how-to videos or stay updated with our blog that covers a variety of topics all tying back to hair.