If you’re anything like the team at Manic Panic (fun, wild, restless, beautiful, and hilarious, with a little sprinkle of crazy), then you’re dying to add a pop of color into your everyday makeup routine. Whether you’re headed to the office, the farmer’s market, or a ladies night out with your best girlfriends, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding some bright and beautiful colors into your look. With that being said, many of us have a difficult time knowing where to add these touches of color in. That is why, in today’s blog post, a few of the makeup fanatics at Manic Panic are going to go over some of the best ways to subtly (or not so subtly) add a bold touch of color to your routine. Let’s dive in. 


One of our favorite ways to add color into a look is through lipstick.  Not only are there so many different shades and colors of lipstick that you can choose from, but it’s an easy addition to any makeup look that you’re creating. Even if you decide that you want to go with something simple and natural on the eyes, your lipstick can be bold and bright! 

In fact, colorful lipsticks have become quite the trend these days. From rich reds and royal blues to gorgeous greens and bold blacks, we’ve seen it all. Manic Panic wants to make sure that you have the variety of lipstick colors that you need, whenever the occasion comes calling. That is why we have such a large selection of lipsticks to choose from! 

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If you’re someone that would rather incorporate color into your eyeshadow, then you are going to be excited to hear that we are, too! Our eyeshadow collection has a bunch of bright, loud colors that you can choose from. Now, eyeshadow is one of the cosmetic options that offers quite a bit of opportunity. You can go for a solid color or mix and match a couple of different colors. Your styling preference, makeup experience, or personality can determine just how out-of-the-box you get with your eyeshadow. 

Given that there are a wide variety of possibilities that come with eyeshadow, we wanted to make sure you were well equipped to create any look your heart desired. That is why you will find all the colors of the rainbow and the fun shades in between in the Manic Panic eyeshadow collection. Buy the colors that you know you’re going to love and the ones that you’re excited to experiment with, one thing’s for sure, you won’t regret adding any of them to your makeup collection. 

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Another way that you can add a pop of color to your makeup routine is through your eyeliner. This isn’t one of the most common ways that people choose to add color to their makeup routine, but it’s certainly an option that can provide you with a completely different look. Whether you’re using it to create a particular look or you’re choosing a particular eyeliner to compliment your eye color, eyeliner is always a great complimentary cosmetic to have on hand. If you like trying out a few different looks, having a variety of eyeliner colors to choose from is a must!

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Manic Panic is known for creating quality, vegan hair dyes, but that’s not all that we do. Our colorful makeup collection provides makeup enthusiasts with all of the colors and cosmetics that they need to complete an incredible look. Regardless of if you are someone that has perfected the loud and colorful look or you’re someone that’s wanting to experiment and figure out the perfect amount of color for you to add to your makeup routine, our products are a great option. 

Find the right cosmetics for your look by browsing the cosmetic section of our website. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions that you have or if you’re struggling to find the right product for your look, we would be more than happy to help or make a suggestion. You can also check out the How To’s & Tips part of our website with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and so much more.