One of the most common colors that people dye their hair is red. Now, when we say red there isn’t any one shade or tone that we’re talking about, because there are countless options that one could choose from. If you’re thinking of going red anytime soon, you are absolutely going to want to read today’s blog. We are going to go over a few of the most popular shades of red that people choose to dye their hair. Let’s get started. 


When going for a more natural red, copper is a great option to choose. It’s a lighter color, extremely warm, and very natural looking. This particular shade of red also offers endless opportunity for highlights, lowlights, and overall dimension to be added to the look. Copper is a fantastic shade of red for individuals with fair or light skin and helps light colored eyes pop.


A little bit darker than copper, ginger hair is still warm, but has a hint of brown added to the mix. This reddish brown tone works well for green and brown eyes and individuals with light or fair complexion. This is yet another red tone that looks incredibly natural and can help make natural features stand out. Ginger has also been an incredibly popular choice for highlights. 


The shade that people most commonly associate with red hair is a rich auburn. This shade of red is incredibly popular because it is a gorgeous blend of golden highlights, deep red, and brown tints. Depending on the time of year, you can choose to add more gold or more brown, which makes it an easy color to take from season to season. 


If a warm or light red isn’t something that you’re interested in, a deep mahogany might be more up your alley. This shade is considered a red, but it is very naturally blended with gorgeous browns. Even so, the tint that you pick up when in the sun or when really looking at the hair is red. This particular shade works well with medium toned skin. 

Bright Red

A shade of red that we are seeing more and more of is the bright red. This color is exactly what it sounds like, and one of our favorite reds that people are choosing. As the name gives away, bright red hair is a vibrant and electric color that people can’t help but love. Whether you have an olive complexion or you simply want a shade of red that stands out, bright red is a good fit.

Ruby Red

If you’re not entirely sure that you’re ready to go for a bright red head of hair, then a ruby red might be more your style. This color is still incredibly vibrant and stands out, but it’s just a bit darker. Ruby red hair looks incredible on individuals with a fair complexion and brightly colored eyes because of how much these features stand out against this rich colored hair. 

Black Cherry

For individuals with hair that is naturally dark, a black cherry might be just the shade of red you’ve been looking for. This rich and gorgeous shade of red blends perfectly with darker hair while still having the bold red that many are looking for. This shade has been extremely popular with ombres and highlights, giving just the right amount of color to complete the look.


Black cherry and burgundy are very similar shades of red, with one just being slightly lighter than the other. Burgundy is going to be just a touch lighter, making the red much more obvious when mixed with dark hair. In the last couple of months, and really 2019 as a whole, burgundy has become a very popular color and has been used for both pops of color and for full-head color treatments. 


Another bright shade of red that you can dye your hair is magenta. This is another color that we would consider to be an electric hair color because of how easily it stands out. Magenta has a hint of pink to it, which is usually what sells the individuals who choose this shade. With that being said, it’s a great color for individuals with fair skin and those with a darker complexion.

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