Our last couple of blogs touched on some of the most popular hairstyles worn in the 1900s; from the victory curls and beehive to the permanent curls and fringe, there have been various ways that women wore their hair. In the 2000s, we have seen various styles that we are absolutely over the moon with. From bold colors to flirty cuts, we love a lot of the hair styles that we’ve seen thus far. 

If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle soon or you want to get an idea of the various styles that are popular right now, keep reading. Today’s blog is going to provide you with some of the trendy styles that we’ve seen and can’t help but rave about. 

Wavy Hair

In the previous century, we saw plenty of curls incorporated into hairstyles, but that wasn’t necessarily the case for the 2000s. One of the first trends that we saw were the subtle beach waves that took us back to the natural, breezy vibes of the 70s. Waves were extremely popular early in the 2000s, but they have continued to remain a timeless look even now. Whether it’s loose waves or tighter waves that are almost curls, this look is one that all of us have styled our hair with at least once in the last decade.

Side Swept Bangs

Bangs have been popular in a couple of different time periods, but the side swept bangs came to life in the 2000s. This particular look helped to shape the face differently than straight-across bangs. Side swept bangs are yet another hair styling technique that has stayed around to this day. Aside from the fact that it offers a different look than the straight across bangs, side swept bangs are a little bit easier to maintain and style, which is likely why they are such a beloved hairstyling technique. 

Pixie Cuts

Cuts are one of the many ways that we see hair change over the decades, and the pixie cut is one that has stuck out in the 2000s. While there are still plenty of women who wear their hair long, we have seen that more and more women are cutting their hair short. For a majority of women, short hair requires less work to maintain and still offers a variety of styling opportunities. We don’t see this cut going out of style anytime soon.


While we’re on the topic of cuts, let’s talk about a trend that makes it easy for you to go from having short hair to long hair in a matter of minutes: extensions. Over the years we’ve seen this particular fad change in a handful of ways. What once looked very tasteless and cheap has now evolved into a styling option with a variety of options which all look great. It’s no wonder that so many women invest money in high-quality extensions that let them achieve any hairstyle they’d like in just a few minutes time.

Side Shave

For a couple of years, and for some still today, shaving one side of the head is their means of making a statement with their hair. This was adopted when the popular DJ Skrillex wore his hair with one side shaved and the other combed over and long. This particular look gained some popularity in the punk and EDM scene, but there were various women who simply took advantage of this styling technique to lighten up their hair load and try something new. 

Vibrant Colors

If you hadn’t guessed already, the favorite hair trend that we’ve seen in the 2000s is without a doubt the beautiful colors that people dye their hair. While color treatments have been popular for quite some time, over the last couple of years we’ve seen some vibrant colors introduced to the pallet. Anything from royal blue to bubble gum pink can be seen on any given day and are completely normal! In fact, there are various hair color treatments that now incorporate a handful of colors. We are all about this fad, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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