Approximately 79 percent of the world has brown eyes — that’s quite a large chunk of the population. With songs like “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Beautiful Brown Eyes” we couldn’t help but take some time to love on our brown eyed customers. Whether you have deep brown eyes or lighter hazel eyes, today’s blog is all about you!  We wanted to focus solely on the different colors of eyeshadow that help those brown eyes stand out and showcase them in all their glory. So, let’s get started!


One of the most popular eyeshadow colors used to compliment brown eyes is purple. As the contrasting color on the color wheel, purple eyeshadow really helps make brown eyes standout. Aside from that, purple is one of the few colors that works well with all shades of brown eyes and all skin tones. With that being said, the best thing about purple eyeshadow is that every shade will help those brown eyes stand out, so having a variety of shades on hand is completely acceptable. In fact, we encourage it!

Purple eyeshadow also leaves plenty of opportunity for creating fun, beautiful looks. If you love being able to add some depth to your eyeshadow, the various shades of purple make it easy to do. Go as warm or as cool as you’d like by mixing and matching various shades of eyeshadow. All in all, this is a color that can be applied to casual looks or dressed up for a night out on the town. 


As you may have guessed, brown is a color that most brown-eyed individuals will wear. This neutral color is easy to incorporate into a handful of looks and, most importantly, works well with brown eyes. For some, brown eyeshadow is not a favorite simply because it is so similar to the eye color that it may seem as though it blends in a little too much. Even so, this is a great eyeshadow option for those who aren’t comfortable wearing bright colored eyeshadow regularly or who are looking for a more subtle look. 

Another reason we always recommend brown eyeshadow for brown eyes is because it is another shade that can have some dimension to it. With the various shades that this neutral eyeshadow comes in, you can easily select accordingly to create the look that you want. 


Alright, now that we’ve covered two of the staples, let’s get into some of the bolder eyeshadow colors that pair beautifully with brown eyes. Yellow and orange are easily two of our favorite go-tos simply because they aren’t used all too often, so when you’ve got brown eyes and the vibrant personality to rock this look, why wouldn’t you? 

Yellow and orange eyeshadow are incredibly warm colors, which is what makes them such a beautiful pairing for brown eyes. Aside from that, the yellow and orange combination can help bring out the gold tint that brown eyes inherently have. And, if you want to go for a look that is as glam as could be, you might as well go straight for the gold eyeshadow. It works beautifully with brown eyes and, in our cases, can even be considered a neutral eyeshadow.


A couple of colors that many are surprised to see make the list are blue and teal. For a while, these colors (when paired with brown eyes) seemed to look tacky and take you right back to the 80s. The reality is that it can be difficult to make these colors work with brown eyes but, when done well, they can be a fantastic option for brown-eyed beauties.

The reason that we think these colors work so well with brown eyes is because of the contrast between the cool of the blue and the warmth of the brown. Again, when done well, these shades of eyeshadow can help your eyes stand out and look brighter as a whole. On top of that, when you pair these gorgeous colors with an outfit that compliments the cool look of the blue, you wind up with an ensemble that will inevitably turn heads. 

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