The standard hair dye kits found at your local pharmacy or supermarket have been around for years. There’s a good chance that you’ve used them at some point in your life, we’ve certainly used them, and our parents have used them — they’ve been around for decades! Even though that may be the case, very little has changed in regards to the chemicals found in these color treatment kits, regardless of how dangerous they’ve proven to be. 

In today’s blog, the team at Manic Panic want to talk a little bit about some of the harsh chemicals that you’ll find in your typical box of hair dye. Our hope is that you see just how beneficial it can be to use a vegan color treatment the next time that you decide to switch up your hair color. Let’s dive in. 


One of the most common ingredients that you’ll find in the standard box of hair dye is ammonia. While it has a familiar name, very few people recognize what this ingredient is capable of. The reality is, ammonia is incredibly dangerous and can have some serious side effects. Some of the most common issues that people experience with exposure to ammonia are high blood pressure, bronchitis, and pulmonary edema. Though this isn’t something that you have to worry about when you’re using hair dye every once in a while, it is a danger that hair stylists should be wary of. 

Aside from that, ammonia hydroxide is known for sucking up moisture and leaving skin and hair extremely dry. If you are using standard hair dye kits, chances are you’ve noticed dryness with both your scalp and your hair. This is likely due to the ammonia that is included in the long list of harsh ingredients. 


Another familiar yet harsh chemical found in hair dyes is peroxide. This is a surprise to many people because peroxide is so frequently used as a disinfectant. Though that may be the case when applied to skin, it can become an ingredient that irritates skin when too much is used. So, if you are using a hair dye that includes peroxide in it, chances are you will experience some irritation of the scalp. Again, one of the most common ways that individuals notice this will be in dryness. 


It is painful to see just how many hair products have alcohol listed in their ingredient list. This is another ingredient that has a time and place for use, and directly applied to hair is simply not one of those instances. Though that may be the case, alcohol is included in most hair dye kits and regular hair care products. The result of using products with alcohol in them is dry, brittle hair. So, if you’re noticing that your hair care products aren’t doing much good for your hair or you are seeing a change in health after a color treatment has been completed, double-check the ingredient list. If there’s alcohol included, it’s time to find an alternative. 

Various Other Ingredients

We’ve listed a couple of ingredients that you need to be cautious of when purchasing hair dye, but there are so many other ingredients we could talk about, it’s concerning. In reality, the list of ingredients has shown to vary from country to country and from brand to brand. With that in mind, make sure that you are always looking into the brand that you’re purchasing from and the list of ingredients that they’re using — they make a difference! When it comes to color treatments and professional dyes, you know that Manic Panic vegan hair products are exactly what you need. 

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Now that you have a better understanding of the various harsh chemicals that can be found in your standard box of hair dye, it’s time to shop the selection of vegan hair dyes by Manic Panic. Our selection of professional grade hair dyes provide you with the vibrant look that you want without the harsh chemicals. Whether you’re looking for a temporary color treatment or you want a look that will last, we’ve got you covered. Take a moment,  browse the selection of products that we have online, and place your order today.