Every type of hair requires different care. What you do for hair that is naturally greasy will not be the same hair care routine that you complete for dry hair, the same goes for hair that is straight vs. hair that is curly. With that being said, very few people have curly hair, which can make it difficult to know how to properly care for it. From the types of products that you should stay away from to the hair care tips that can help you maintain beautiful curls, the team at Manic Panic wants to help provide you with the information that you need to make the most of the gorgeous curls you were given at birth. 

Pre-Shampoo Treatments

This may be a foreign step of showering for many, but the girls with curls that look incredible swear by the pre-shampoo treatment. This sounds exactly like what it is, a step taken before the shampoo is applied. Overall, the pre-shampoo treatment are designed to help condition and detangle the hair before the washing process. If you’re someone with curly hair, you know how tough those curls can be when tangles start to form. This step helps to minimize the chances of damaged hair from the washing process, which is extremely important if you have curls that are tangled or messy.

Forget About Daily Washing

Growing up, it was custom to shower once a day. Over the years, we’ve learned more and more about how regular washing can actually cause quite a bit of damage to hair — especially curly hair. Because of the texture and overall structure of curly hair, there is no need to wash hair once a day. In fact, shampooing curly hair too often can lead to strands of hair that are stretched out and fragile. This process can also leave curls dry and craving moisture. For that reason, we recommend skipping a day or two in between your shampooing.

Invest in a Quality Comb

Brushing hair is one of the most common ways that people with curly hair choose to style their hair, but it’s actually not the best way to go about removing knots and tangles. For individuals with curly hair, it is suggested that you use a comb instead of a brush because it’s easier on the hair. While this may be surprising to hear, wide tooth combs are gentler on the hair and can work through tangles. If you do opt for a brush, find one that is easy on the tangles and the hair. Truth be told, a quality comb or brush is one of the best things that you can do when you have curly hair. 

Remember to Condition

While shampoo isn’t gentle on curls, conditioner is something that you absolutely do not want to forget about when showering. Conditioner does so much for curly hair, which is why you want to make sure you use it every time you shower — even if you’re not shampooing. With that being said, you want to make sure that you’re purchasing a conditioner that is going to moisturize your curls and give them the vitamins and nutrients that your curly hair needs to thrive. 

Turn Down the Heat

If you’re a fan of super hot showers after a long day of work, you’re going to have a tough time hearing this piece of information. Cooler showers have proven to be better for all hair, but especially for the dryer texture of curly hair. While it’s not the most pleasant showering experience, cooler water temperatures help to close the cuticles of your hair, which in turn locks in moisture and leaves you with hair that looks less dull, shinier, and healthier. 

Avoid Scratchy Towels

One of the hair care tips that has been floating around talks about towels and how harsh they can be when drying hair. The scratchy material is rough on hair and leads to dry, brittle hair. With curly hair, which is inherently dry in nature, these rough materials do no good whatsoever. For that reason, it is suggested that individuals with curly hair use microfiber towels or a cotton t-shirt to dry their hair. These are much gentler materials that still help to dry the hair. Simply wrap the hair the same way that you would with a towel, and let it sit for 30 minutes. This will help soak up a majority of the water while keeping the curls in place and, ultimately, reduce frizz.

Sleep on Satin

While we are on the topic of materials and how they affect curly hair, let’s talk about sheets. The scratchy, dry material that most sheets are made of can make it easy for hair to tangle and knot. This is why so many beauty gurus recommend satin sheets for individuals with curly hair. The soft and silky material on a pillowcase are not only nice to the touch, but they’re great for hair and skin. One of the primary benefits to having a satin pillowcase is that hair is so much less likely to tangle, meaning that it is much less likely to break off due to knots or split ends due to dryness.

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