18 Inch Glam Strips: Colors That Rock!®


These are #*&@!* 18 INCHES LONG and are available in an assortment of bright colors that include mind–blowing neons that Glow Under Black Light.
atomic turquoisebombshellcotton candy pinkdevine wineelectric bananaelectric lavaelectric lizardflamingfuschia shockpretty flamingopurple hazeravenshocking bluevirgin

You can trim them, train them, get a bunch o’ them and braid them! Add a streak, add a strand if you’re goin’ dancing or in a band, a wild style that’s Manic Panic®.


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Manic Panic® Vegan Hair Color

Glam Strips connect into your hair with a unique “flipping comb” tiny clip that is invisible when tucked under a strand (locks best when fastened close to the scalp). The little clip may be invisible, but the glam and the manic most certainly is NOT!

If you are looking to boost your style instantly, carry a strip in your bag so you don't look drab. Add a streak add a stripe 'cause you're going out tonight. Add a shade, you got it made. Add bunches of scrunches… you're throwin' the punches!