MANIC PANIC® Hair Color is a semi-permanent hair dye made from natural, vegan friendly ingredients that include herbs like chamomile - an awesome product that has an amazing effect on the hair. Unlike chemical-based permanent colors which require peroxide to invade the hair shaft, MANIC PANIC semi-permanents sit on top of the hair...they will therefore fade gradually with shampooing or any exposure to elements such as water, hair spray, etc. To get the best results from our product which will give you the longest lasting, deepest color result I recommend the following:
Always begin by doing a test strip. If hair is different in places, do more than one!
Lighten you hair using
MANIC PANIC® FLASHLIGHTNING™ complete bleach kit. If you want your result to be bright and your hair to appear the color as it looks in the jar, it is necessary to pre-lighten the hair to a white/blond. If you are going for a lighter color or a pastel color, it is essential to pre-bleach. Bleach your hair according to the instructions in the kit. Make sure you shampoo out the bleach mixture (with a shampoo containing no added conditioners or moisturizers) and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry hair. DO NOT CONDITION YOUR HAIR. MANIC PANIC® Hair Color has built in properties that will condition the hair.
Apply petroleum jelly to hairline and ears to prevent skin from getting stained. Immediately apply
MANIC PANIC®, with a brush or your hands (wearing plastic/rubber gloves to prevent staining of hands) and comb it through until it gets frothy for best results and even distribution of the color.
Cover your hair by wearing a plastic cap.... adding a little heat with a hair dryer will help the color penetrate the hair follicle. The standard amount of time to leave the dye on the hair is 20 minutes.... I usually leave
MANIC PANIC® in my hair for at least an hour. My girlfriend wraps her head in plastic and sleeps on it! (She's a true "dye-hard" like me). Because our ingredients are kind to the hair, you can leave it in as long as you like...
I absolutely stress doing a test strip before you do your entire head to gauge your dyeing time, as different hair types respond individually.
Rinse your hair with cool water.
The result should be electrifying!
Processed hair (colored, permed, etc) will also grab the hair color strongly. This type of hair DOES NOT always need to be bleached, as the results will usually be good. (Bleaching processed hair can have a damaging result, please consult a pro before you attempt this). If your hair is pre-processed, simply wash the hair with a pH Balanced shampoo or any plain, simple shampoo that does not contain conditioners. Remember, you want your hair to be as oil/coating free as possible to permit the Hair Color to penetrate the hair shaft.
If you do not wish to process your hair, you can still have
MANIC PANIC® HAIR COLOR! We suggest our fab REDS ( like Vampire Red™, Infra Red™, New Rose™, Red Passion™) to get best effects... also PURPLES (Purple Haze™, Plum Passion™) will be great on natural hair and give beautiful highlights. Other colors may or may not take well to your hair, depending on the type of hair you have. Check out BEST OF THE BEST to see pix of people who used MANIC PANIC® HAIR COLOR on 'virgin' unbleached hair. It is the texture of your hair not just the color that is the factor, natural blondes take heed! The more porous your hair, the more the color will soak in. It is doubtful that the pastels will take to your hair without processing, although it has worked well for some.
ALWAYS DO A TEST STRIP because everyone’s hair is different!

MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors to create your own unique shades!
Many people write to me and ask about suggestions on how to do streaking or multi-colors of MANIC PANIC® Hair Color. In both situations, you absolutely must isolate your hair. When streaking, make sure you either wrap the hair you want to color with plastic wrap or foil, and rinse the color out CAREFULLY ... making sure the colored hair doesn't touch your other hair. Doing multiple colors is very tricky because when you rinse the MANIC PANIC® out it will spread to the rest of the hair. You must do one color at a time. Once I did multi-colors (with a streaking cap and all) but unfortunately rinsed it all out at once, and I wound up with one solid color. You have to go from start to finish ... dye to dry, when doing multi colors.
In all these cases, if you are not certain of what you are doing please take my advise and see a hair professional. It is always worth the money to get pro help!
Hot Oil treatments, hairspray, shampooing and exposure to water will result in gradual fading of your
MANIC PANIC® Hair Color. To remove the last bit of residue or stain on the hair (or to get color out immediately) I have a tip given to me by professional hairdressers. Make up a small batch of bleach mixture (MANIC PANIC® FLASHLIGHTNING), and add it to 2 tablespoons or so of shampoo in a cup. Stir it up. Wear rubber gloves. Shampoo hair with this mixture, "kneading" the hair from root to tip with your fingers... you should see the color disappear right before your eyes!


For her 13th birthday Nicole from Canada's mom colored her hair. She writes us: "we started by bleaching her hair following the instructions in the FLASHLIGHTNING 40 kit. Nicole liked the results so much (photo #2) she kept it for a week before we used the Electric Lizard™. With the length of her hair we used a full jar and kept it in for 2 hours. It wasn't as bright as she wanted so we bleached it a second time then used another jar of Electric Lizard™, with much more satisfactory results. When it came time to brighten again, we decided to do just the top of her head in Electric Lizard™, then mixed a small amount of Green Envy™ into the jar to use on the rest of her hair, resulting in a lovely gradient."

To view
MANIC PANIC® hair color in action and see how other people do it, please check out BEST OF THE BEST.

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