Glam Strips: Colors That Rock!®



A Glam Strip is a tress of colored Manic Panic® Hair that clips in your own hair to add a streak or two, an instant jazzing up of a “do.”

Manic Panic® Glam Strips come in a wide variety of styles, lengths, colors and textures.

Made with a trademark locking clip to hold hair securely in place.

Human Hair Glam® Strips
Brilliant Colors on Real Hair
  • 10 inch length in solid colors
  • Savage Tiger™ tiger–striped 10 inch Glam® Strips
  • Curly Hair Glam® Strips in 10 inch lengths
  • Ultra Glam® Strips — 14 inches of Glam-tastic
  • 18 Inch Synthetic
    Glam® Strips
    Manic Panic® Synthetic Hair Glam® Strips add a shocking streak of colorful glam to your hair. They are #*&@!* 18 INCHES LONG and are available in an assortment of bright colors including mind–blowing neons that Glow Under Black Light.
    8 Inch Micro Glam® Strips
    MANIC PANIC® MICRO GLAM STRIPS™ are 8 inches long, made out of "sin-thetic" hair. They come in a variety of neon colors that GLOW UNDER BLACK LIGHT plus Virgin™ white.


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    GlamStrips connect into your hair with a unique “flipping comb” tiny clip that is invisible when tucked under a strand (locks best when fastened close to the scalp). The little clip may be invisible, but the glam and the manic most certainly is NOT!

    If you are looking to boost your style instantly, carry a strip in your bag so you don't look drab. Add a streak add a stripe 'cause you're going out tonight. Add a shade, you got it made. Add bunches of scrunches… you're throwin' the punches!