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The MANIC PANIC® Glamour Times reports all the places we are seen and heard: our latest and greatest parties, gigs, and promotional events. This news won’t give you the blues!

Best of Punk Magazine… New York Originals… London Calling… Estelle Bellomo Award… Michael Musto and more…

Manic Panic® on ABC TV… Snooky talks Turkey… Manic Panic® supports BCRF… new location for Manic Panic® in Los Angeles.

Tish & Snooky® rockin’ more than ever! New Electrifying MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors.

MANIC PANIC® hair color a hot item for fashion week… Rocky Horror… head color and shave fundraising events… and more.

MANIC PANIC® in a major motion picture… and on network television… Tish & Snooky® on exhibit at MOMA… MANIC PANIC® walks the Catwalk… Tish & Snooky® in a cool comic book.

Emily the Strange joins the MANIC PANIC® family… MANIC PANIC® Hair Color wins a Peta award… Shiragirl delivers MANIC PANIC® at Warped.

An outlaw party to celebrate our 30th “Manniversary”… fashion shows in Japan and the USA… Tish & Snooky® join Patti Smith and Robert Gordon for T. Rex and Jayne County for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, the sisters become DJs and get caught in Spiderman’s web.

The International MANIC PANIC® family grows… MANIC PANIC® WEST opens in Los Angeles with a grand opening bash… We sponsor a star studded rock show to benefit animals… more great rock ’n’ roll moments we're so proud of.

Horror Film Festivals, Chiller Theatre… more MANIC PANIC® Salons in Japan… CBGBs forever rock show in the park… Snooky addresses the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VH1 save the muisic with Cyndi Lauper… SO80’s book bash and MANIC makeovers… academy award nominated film stars Kate Winslet and MANIC PANIC® Hair Color… Sic F*cks reunite for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

An NYC street is named Joey Ramone place… MANIC PANIC® tours with Spa–Lapalooza… Party Monster the movie premieres with a celebration and a MANIC PANIC® creation station.

We celebrate our 25 year “Manniversary” with super stars for pooches… Tish & Snooky® take a road trip on the hairstream for the Snapple Dyehard tour… a book comes out with a photo of our MANIC critters… and we win an award!

Tish & Snooky® perform at Warped tour.

Tish & Snooky® rock the house with 60s tunes at the Ready Steady Go Show.

British Invasion in NYC at the Bottom Line with Tish & Snooky®… Glam Gems explode in magazines.


December 16, 2005

devil's rejectsMANIC PANIC® sponsored THE DEVIL’S XMAS PARTY right here in NYC at the Museum of Sex.

Scary celebrity clown Sid Haig a/k/a/ Captain Spaulding of the films “The Devil's Rejects” and “House of 1,000 Corpses” was on hand giving out “Tutti F**king Frutti” MANIC PANIC nail polish along with the glamorous MANIC PANIC® crew. Other evil entertainment included an art show, guest DJs and gosh–honest–real–life freak show!

sid haig

Superstar Insectavora,
Sid Haig, and Snooky at the MANIC PANIC® giveaway table.


Creighton from ghoul–a–go–go nabs our girl Cynthia.

sid haig 2

MANIC PANIC glamour-gals Lauren, Cynthia and Jenn pose with Sid Haig.


Freak’s delight. The beautiful Insectavora stuns the crowd by lying on a bed of nails and devouring worms, maggots, and other types of pet food.



At the gallery: Gooby the MANIC PANIC® webmistress, artist Anthony Zito, and Cynthia pose next to Zito’s awesome portrait of Captain Spaulding the evil clown.

gooby n lauren

Gooby and Lauren live and love to DYE!

makeover makeover2 makeover3

Jenn administers specialty MANIC PANIC® makeovers:
Captain Spaulding clown–face designs!

starwoodNovember 1, 2005

The MANIC PANIC® FESTA held in Tokyo was a huge event to promote MANIC PANIC® and commemorate the opening of the MANIC GIRL/BOY salon chain. These new concept salons cater to a young clientele with a hip relaxed atomsphere.

The rock band Starwood (pictured at right with Snooky and Tish) rocked the house at the Festa. Tish and Snooky sang their new hit single “SUKIYAKI” dressed in their special custom Gothic kimonos for the occasion made by Tish herself!


the bride wore blackOct. 30, 2005
The Bride Wore Black

MANIC PANIC® proudly sponsored the fantastic Vampire Geisha Ball, attended by hundreds of MANIC devotees. One of the most exciting events that night was “The Eternal Binding Of Lord Richia and Lady Diana”… a real honest to goodness VAMPIRE WEDDING!

Our girl Lauren was on hand to personally style the bride with MANIC PANIC® Gothic Glamour Cosmetics…

makeup…MANIC PANIC® Vampire Red eyeshadow, Red Hellion Glitter Glam Stick, and a Glam Gem on her cheek.

coupleIt was “a decadent, blood filled ceremony conducted by an authentic Justice of the Peace!” The nuptials took place at the strike of midnight on the main stage. Whoever said love bites was right.

The happy couple. This is one marriage that is sure to last a very long time.


graveyard smashOctober 28, 2005


chop chopChop! Chop!

Tish and Snooky grabbed their axes, donned their nuns outfits, and set up a MANIC PANIC® makeover booth at this year’s CHILLER THEATRE. They signed autographs with other infamous rock and horror legends such as Pete Best, Dennis Dunaway, and Buckethead.

Tish and Snooky sang with the band Dead Elvi and for the first time EVER, Bobby “Boris” Pickett joined Zacherley the Cool Ghoul for “THE MONSTER MASH!”




makeover man winner

Prize winners!

screenOctober 19, 2005




rocky makeover rock makeover 2
To celebrate the showing of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ the MANIC girls did special makeovers.
done purp done red
Rocky Horror results! (note the stunning MANIC PANIC Cruelty–free non–feather Boas)

hillyAug. 31, 2005
New York City

Little Steven’s Underground Garage hosts CBGBs FOREVER in Washington Square Park presenting The Sic F*cks, Blondie, and Public Enemy among others.

CBGB owner Hilly Kristal takes the stage with Little Steven.

willie nile

Opening up the show, the rockin’ Willy Nile.

nunsSic F*cks shake up the the park with “Rock or Die” punk. Who’s that blonde nun? That's not Tish!


harry v

Sic F*cks drummer Harry Vaderci is one-of-a-kind.


blondiedebbie harryBlondie:

The crowd went wild when Blondie took the stage and even WILDER when Debbie Harry took off her skirt and revealed her “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!” Ramones shorts!

And if they went wild for Blondie, they went absolutely ballistic for Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and the rest of Public Enemy, who urged everyone to “Fight The Power!”

public enemy

lil flav
Little Steven and Flavor Flav unite in a common purpose.

And who’s backstage?

bob gruen

Ace rock photographer Bob Gruen and Mike Quashie, the famous Limbo King and icon.

snooky n lil steven

Snooky and Little Steven.

fred schneider

Fred Schneider of B–52s.

chris stein

Chris Stein of Blondie.

leigh fox

Leigh Fox of Blondie with babe in arms.

wasteA little press from NY Waste.


MEANWHILE, BACK AT CBGBs: August 26, 2005

Dead Boys reunite for 2 sold out shows at CBGBs to support the SAVE CBGBs effort.

door"Hey, I'm on the list!"

CBGB'S door person since 1977, BeeGee. A star in his own right!

deadboysSnooky backstage with old pals the Dead Boys after their incredible reunion show at CBGB's. It was just like the old days… with chairs and tempers flying!

magicAug. 29, 2005
Las Vegas

MAGIC — the USA’s hippest tradeshow.

Glamour gals Cynthia and Faith present MANIC MAGIC.



Marky Ramone visits the MANIC PANIC booth.




July 31, 2005

Tish and Snooky and the MANIC Makeover crew style the models with Manic Panic® Cosmetics and Glam Lashes for the Lingerie Americas Fashion Show. Sexy, sexy!







seaportJuly 15, 2005

Tish and Snooky sing at the South Street Seaport in “The Beat Goes On: Songs of New York” featuring an all–star line up covering tunes about our fair city.

The Bellomo sisters did a punk rockin’ version of the Dictator’s “New York, New York,” one of our favorites, which ends with the question: “Are YOU talkin’ to ME?”



posterMay 19, 2005

Sic F•cks Tish and Snooky and Russel Wolinsky performed in the “Friends of Joey” lineup for the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at NYC’s Irving Plaza. The all–star lineup included the legendary Ronnie Spector, who had Tish and Snooky join her on stage to sing back up vocals on “Be My Baby,” and other hits.

snooky & mickey

Snooky and Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) the organizer of the event.

makeover staff

The Manic Panic® Makeover staff was on hand wildstylin’ with hair color and cosmetics at the Manic Panic® booth… proceeds went to the Lymphoma Foundation, in memory of Joey.

February 22, 2005

The Lower Eastside Girls Club holds their first annual “MONEY MATTERS CONFERENCE” devoted to all aspects of money management and the world of work, entrepreneurship, debt and planning for college.

Their keynote speaker: “highly successful and non–conventional entrepreneur Snooky Bellomo [as she was billed by the club] founder and president of Manic Panic® cosmetics and accessories.”

les girls clubPictured at right is Snooky surrounded by members of the Lower Eastside Girls Club. Since the original MANIC PANIC® store has its humble beginnings in the Lower East Side, Tish and Snooky have a special affection for this organization. They themselves started their business when they were very young girls and are always happy to share their story and give advice to young women today.

The Lower Eastside Girls Club is a community non–profit devoted to providing a place where girls and young women aged 8 to 21 can grow, learn, have fun and gain confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. For more information about the Girls Club and their programs go to