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The MANIC PANIC® Glamour Times reports all the places we are seen and heard: our latest and greatest parties, gigs, and promotional events. This news won’t give you the blues!

Best of Punk Magazine… New York Originals… London Calling… Estelle Bellomo Award… Michael Musto and more…

Manic Panic® on ABC TV… Snooky talks Turkey… Manic Panic® supports BCRF… new location for Manic Panic® in Los Angeles.

Tish & Snooky® rockin’ more than ever! New Electrifying MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors.

MANIC PANIC® hair color a hot item for fashion week… Rocky Horror… head color and shave fundraising events… and more.

MANIC PANIC® in a major motion picture… and on network television… Tish & Snooky® on exhibit at MOMA… MANIC PANIC® walks the Catwalk… Tish & Snooky® in a cool comic book.

Emily the Strange joins the MANIC PANIC® family… MANIC PANIC® Hair Color wins a Peta award… Shiragirl delivers MANIC PANIC® at Warped.

An outlaw party to celebrate our 30th “Manniversary”… fashion shows in Japan and the USA… Tish & Snooky® join Patti Smith and Robert Gordon for T. Rex and Jayne County for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, the sisters become DJs and get caught in Spiderman’s web.

The International MANIC PANIC® family grows… MANIC PANIC® WEST opens in Los Angeles with a grand opening bash… We sponsor a star studded rock show to benefit animals… more great rock ’n’ roll moments we're so proud of.

Horror Film Festivals, Chiller Theatre… more MANIC PANIC® Salons in Japan… CBGBs forever rock show in the park… Snooky addresses the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VH1 save the muisic with Cyndi Lauper… SO80’s book bash and MANIC makeovers… academy award nominated film stars Kate Winslet and MANIC PANIC® Hair Color… Sic F*cks reunite for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

An NYC street is named Joey Ramone place… MANIC PANIC® tours with Spa–Lapalooza… Party Monster the movie premieres with a celebration and a MANIC PANIC® creation station.

We celebrate our 25 year “Manniversary” with super stars for pooches… Tish & Snooky® take a road trip on the hairstream for the Snapple Dyehard tour… a book comes out with a photo of our MANIC critters… and we win an award!

Tish & Snooky® perform at Warped tour.

Tish & Snooky® rock the house with 60s tunes at the Ready Steady Go Show.

British Invasion in NYC at the Bottom Line with Tish & Snooky®… Glam Gems explode in magazines.


joey ramone placeNew York City is definitely Punk Rock City. On Sunday November 30, 2003 the City of New York officially named the corner of Bowery and Second Street “Joey Ramone Place” in a ceremony honoring the late rock music legend. Tish & Snooky had the honor of being invited by Joey’s mom to speak at the event.

joeyTish and Snooky miss their dear friend Joey who was a true punk pioneer and are thrilled that he is honored by the city of New York, hometown to the three and birthplace of Punk Rock. When the sisters were back up singers in the band “Blondie” the Ramones were new and hot on the scene and the two bands shared the bill all the time at clubs like CBGBs. Joey Ramone was a regular visitor to the original MANIC PANIC® — the little shop on St. Marks Place where it all started.

Crowds gathered, eagerly awaiting the dedication ceremony.

Snooky & Tish with Howie Pyro of Danzig, D–Generation, and Jesse Malin band.
(Fun Fact: Howie used to work at the very first MANIC PANIC® shop back in the day!)

Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz with one of their two sons.

Patti Smith guitarist Lenny Kaye and CBGB's owner Hilly Krystal

Proud and happy family: Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, mom Charlotte and uncle Sy.


On this very same day, Dictator’s frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba’s son Jake turned one year old! Here’s Snooky & Tish with the birthday boy and dad, in a true celebration of life!


October 10, 2003

In a joint venture with the A–Lec Company, Tish & Snooky® open the first of a series of MANIC PANIC® N.Y.C. salons in Japan.

The brand new “MANIC PANIC”® in downtown Yokohama is the ultimate place for hip people from the Tokyo area to get the latest cuts and colors by a crew of superb hair stylists. On board are a team of MANIC PANIC® Hair Color experts whose creative ideas are as wonderful as their graciousness.

The complete full treatment at MANIC PANIC® includes many “spa”–quality extras! Tish & Snooky® flew over for the exciting grand opening festivities, press conferences and the nationwide MANIC PANIC® Coloring contest.

JAPANESE TV AT SALON MANIC PANIC Japanese television interviewed Tish & Snooky® at the grand opening of the salon.The two sisters talk about how they managed to bring NYC style all the way across the ocean to Japan.

Tish dons a lovely kimono, traditional Japanese formal wear, for the special occasion. The bright colors really look fabulous with her newly colored and expertly coiffed MANIC PANIC® hair!


COLOR & STYLE - Inside MANIC PANIC® are walls of hair color displayed with a classic decor.


For the inauguration of the Salon, a MANIC PANIC® Hair Coloring and styling contest was held. Stylists from all over Japan came to Yokohama to compete in this prestigious event.Tish and Snooky, themselves, were on a panel of judges that included three of Japan’s most famous top stylists.

All of the 40 contestants were so talented that choosing the winners was a difficult task! Contest winners were awarded large cash prizes and a big loving cup.

Contestants used their imaginations and skills to multi-color, layer, streak, spike, tip & WILDSTYLE the MANIC NYC way.

...and the votes are in!

Impressed judges pose with proud prize recipients.



At right:
At celebration dinner and the salon gang.



The summer of 2003 was hot hot hot for Tish, Snooky, Daisy Mae, and the cast and crew at MANIC PANIC®. As usual, we hadn’t stood still. We were invited to join Lollapalooza and went on tour with Spa–Lapalooza featuring a MANIC MAKEOVER station with “Dos” by Manic Stylist Jaime Starr. Thousands got their hair colored under the sun as the music played on.

The innovators connected! In 1977 at the dawn of Punk, MANIC PANIC® radically changed the face of beauty and in 1991 the legendary Lollapalooza multi–artist festival forever altered the face of music. It was rated “the #1 Tour that changed the world” by Spin magazine.

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell founded Lollapalooza to expose people to new musical artists as well as cultural trends, political points of view and alternative lifestyles. In 2003, Perry presented a special event: SPA–LAPALOOZA, a place for “alternative lifestyle pampering.”

When thinking of alternative style, Perry's first thought and choice was MANIC PANIC®. Perry is long been a devotee of the products, having worn MANIC PANIC® hair color for much of his career!

“When Perry approached us we were thrilled because Lollapalooza fits in with our DIY philosophy and our dedication to self–expression and individuality.”

MANIC PANIC® had its own traveling styling booth where folks received “MANIC MAKEOVERS” by legendary cutting–edge stylist Jaime Starr. Thousands got wild–styled under the sun with sonic booms of their fave groups in the background! What a blast it was. People experienced neon glow–under black light hair color, wild extensions including tiger stripes and dreads in a rainbow of colors, temporary wash–out styling gels in metallic and glowing colors that will create cyber, punk, goth, rock–a–billy and other EXTREME looks that coincided with the extreme sounds.

Gooby and Dyehard Gabe.

Good friend Carol Sadick gets styled while webmistress Gooby enjoys the festivities.

Genius Jaime Starr at work while the music playes on.

September 3, 2003 was the premiere for the film “Party Monster” starring MacCaulay Culkin and Chloe Sevigny, a film based on the book “Disco Bloodbath” by James St. James. It tells the chilling true story of Club Kid promoter Michael Alig. Tish and Snooky go way back with the writer and makers of this film. Manic Panic® was there with a make–over “creation station” dedicated to 80s Glam!

Snooky and actor Seth Green who played James St. James.

Randy Barbato, Snooky, and the real James St. James

A li’l history: The Pop Tarts (Randy, Fenton, Tish & Snooky) make Cosmo! (circa 1980)

Webmistress Gooby and actress Chloe Sevigny

Extraordinary performance artist “Perfidia” with MANIC PANIC® Goth White in mouth. Note the perfect synchronicity of the star on the hat and the star in the Manic Panic® Hot Hot Pink China Doll wig in the background.

Jaime Starr on hand for more MANIC MAGIC makeovers at the after-party.



A little 80s background:

• Did you know that VERY FIRST show in NYC that Michael Alig promoted featured non other than Tish and Snooky of MANIC PANIC® fame? He came to their (then) shop on St. Mark’s Place all starry eyed and asked them to perform in his show.
• Film directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato made the movie Party Monster. Back in the day they had a band called “The Fabulous Pop Tarts” and Tish and Snooky were their back–up singers. Fenton and Randy also produced Ru Paul’s smash record (and the sisters sang back-ups on that too!).
• Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC® was continually supplying the club kids of the 80s with their make–up, hair color and wild accessories. The little shop in the East Village was a regular “primp–up pit stop” before hitting the dance floors.

On the film:

• Tish and Snooky attest that Macaulay Culkin did a great job of acting the part of Michael Alig. And they should know! “He had his mannerisms down to a T!” said Snooky.

The P–A–R–T–Y:

• In keeping with its glam–culture, Tish and Snooky’s MANIC PANIC® NYC was in full force at the after–party at CLUB PLAID. There was a MANIC–MAKEOVER booth where MANIC PANIC® stylist Jaime Starr painted faces, gelled and colored hair, sprinkled glitter, pumped and fluffed and prettied up party goers and cast members. MANIC PANIC® gave out gift bags chock full of their Glamnation® cosmetics.
• The infamous James St. James looked ever more divine in his MANIC PANIC Fuschia Shock Boa... which happens to be non–feather and cruelty free. Lucky for him because he doesn’t need any flack from PETA, being involved with the Michael Alig story is bloody enough!
• Marilyn Manson makes a guest appearance in the film as Christina, a blonde drag queen. He is a long time devotee of MANIC PANIC® products.
• Macaulay Culkin said he used to use MANIC PANIC® Hair Color all the time. Now he is going for that “straight” look. Get over it, Macaulay: You know you look better with blue hair!
• NY1’s George Whipple reported on the film opening and party donned in (Guess what) a Shocking Blue MANIC PANIC® cruelty free non–feather boa! The dashing accessory really brought out his eyebrows.
• DJ Keoki (expertly portrayed by That 70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama in the movie) is also a longtime user of MANIC PANIC® with his legendary blue leopard MANIC PANIC® hair.