Glamour Times:
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The MANIC PANIC® Glamour Times reports all the places we are seen and heard: our latest and greatest parties, gigs, and promotional events. This news won’t give you the blues!

Best of Punk Magazine… New York Originals… London Calling… Estelle Bellomo Award… Michael Musto and more…

Manic Panic® on ABC TV… Snooky talks Turkey… Manic Panic® supports BCRF… new location for Manic Panic® in Los Angeles.

Tish & Snooky® rockin’ more than ever! New Electrifying MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors.

MANIC PANIC® hair color a hot item for fashion week… Rocky Horror… head color and shave fundraising events… and more.

MANIC PANIC® in a major motion picture… and on network television… Tish & Snooky® on exhibit at MOMA… MANIC PANIC® walks the Catwalk… Tish & Snooky® in a cool comic book.

Emily the Strange joins the MANIC PANIC® family… MANIC PANIC® Hair Color wins a Peta award… Shiragirl delivers MANIC PANIC® at Warped.

An outlaw party to celebrate our 30th “Manniversary”… fashion shows in Japan and the USA… Tish & Snooky® join Patti Smith and Robert Gordon for T. Rex and Jayne County for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, the sisters become DJs and get caught in Spiderman’s web.

The International MANIC PANIC® family grows… MANIC PANIC® WEST opens in Los Angeles with a grand opening bash… We sponsor a star studded rock show to benefit animals… more great rock ’n’ roll moments we're so proud of.

Horror Film Festivals, Chiller Theatre… more MANIC PANIC® Salons in Japan… CBGB’s forever rock show in the park… Snooky addresses the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VH1 save the muisic with Cyndi Lauper… SO80’s book bash and MANIC makeovers… academy award nominated film stars Kate Winslet and MANIC PANIC® Hair Color… Sic F*cks reunite for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

An NYC street is named Joey Ramone place… MANIC PANIC® tours with Spa–Lapalooza… Party Monster the movie premieres with a celebration and a MANIC PANIC® creation station.

We celebrate our 25 year “Manniversary” with super stars for pooches… Tish & Snooky® take a road trip on the hairstream for the Snapple Dyehard tour… a book comes out with a photo of our MANIC critters… and we win an award!

Tish & Snooky® perform at Warped tour.

Tish & Snooky® rock the house with 60s tunes at the Ready Steady Go Show.

British Invasion in NYC at the Bottom Line with Tish & Snooky®… Glam Gems explode in magazines.


May 2000

The Ready! Steady! Go! Show at NYC’s Bottom Line recreated the atmosphere of the original Television Rock Show from Swinging England.

Tish and Snooky rocked to the Brit Hits of the 60s as did an all–star lineup that included Marshall Crenshaw, Coati Mundi, Ivan Julian, Will Lee, and more.

Everyone got off their feet doing the watusi shimmy shimmy shake. Yeah, BABY! Fancy a twist? Shakin’ it UK style.

Tish & Snooky teased their MANIC PANIC® China Doll wigs to make these adoramous, pouffy, sixties styles. Above image is Cotton Candy Pink and to the left and below Virgin colors.

Snooky & Tish removed the wigs, showed their true MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors , donned their vintage black leather to heartfully belt out the Kink's “I’m not like everybody else” (the MANIC PANIC® Theme Song!) with the aid of the Dictator’s Scott Kempner (pictured) on guitar. These three dedicated this tune to their dear friend Helen Wheels who was a pioneer in the punk scene. FYI Scott was a guitarist for the Helen Wheels Band.

Another noteworthy theatrical summer production that told tales from Greek mythology was “Myths and Magic,” performed by the kindergarten class of Mrs. Joan Marcogliese.

Orion, son of Tish (and husband Peter) showed his dramatic gifts in a very demanding role: Bellerophon the tamer of the flying horse, Pegasus. Orion’s mom used Purple Haze Manic Panic® Glam Strips to fashion a Manic mane for Pegasus.

“Petey Mac,” brother of Orion also debuted in the preschool rendition of “A Whole New World.”

The talent obviously runs in the family. Orion and his brother Peter Jr. (Petey) may just be this generations “Tish and Snooky!”

Expect amazing things from these boys when they grow up.