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The MANIC PANIC® Glamour Times reports all the places we are seen and heard: our latest and greatest parties, gigs, and promotional events. This news won’t give you the blues!

Blue Coupe video release...Celebs flock to Manic Panic® LA Style Asylum...Blondie band members for Manic...

Best of Punk Magazine… New York Originals… London Calling… Estelle Bellomo Award… Michael Musto and more…

Manic Panic® on ABC TV… Snooky talks Turkey… Manic Panic® supports BCRF… new location for Manic Panic® in Los Angeles.

Tish & Snooky® rockin’ more than ever! New Electrifying MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors.

MANIC PANIC® hair color a hot item for fashion week… Rocky Horror… head color and shave fundraising events… and more.

MANIC PANIC® in a major motion picture… and on network television… Tish & Snooky® on exhibit at MOMA… MANIC PANIC® walks the Catwalk… Tish & Snooky® in a cool comic book.

Emily the Strange joins the MANIC PANIC® family… MANIC PANIC® Hair Color wins a Peta award… Shiragirl delivers MANIC PANIC® at Warped.

An outlaw party to celebrate our 30th “Manniversary”… fashion shows in Japan and the USA… Tish & Snooky® join Patti Smith and Robert Gordon for T. Rex and Jayne County for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, the sisters become DJs and get caught in Spiderman’s web.

The International MANIC PANIC® family grows… MANIC PANIC® WEST opens in Los Angeles with a grand opening bash… We sponsor a star studded rock show to benefit animals… more great rock ’n’ roll moments we're so proud of.

Horror Film Festivals, Chiller Theatre… more MANIC PANIC® Salons in Japan… CBGBs forever rock show in the park… Snooky addresses the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VH1 save the muisic with Cyndi Lauper… SO80’s book bash and MANIC makeovers… academy award nominated film stars Kate Winslet and MANIC PANIC® Hair Color… Sic F*cks reunite for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

An NYC street is named Joey Ramone place… MANIC PANIC® tours with Spa–Lapalooza… Party Monster the movie premieres with a celebration and a MANIC PANIC® creation station.

We celebrate our 25 year “Manniversary” with super stars for pooches… Tish & Snooky® take a road trip on the hairstream for the Snapple Dyehard tour… a book comes out with a photo of our MANIC critters… and we win an award!

Tish & Snooky® perform at Warped tour.

Tish & Snooky® rock the house with 60s tunes at the Ready Steady Go Show.

British Invasion in NYC at the Bottom Line with Tish & Snooky®… Glam Gems explode in magazines.


September 7, 2014
Manic Panic® always causes a stir at LondonEdge, the fabulous British tradeshow especially for alternative beauty brands. Tish was interviewed at the booth by a team of bloggers and talks about the latest Manic Panic® news. Watch the full video entitled "Alice in Alternative Wonderland" by clicking on the photo below.

September 4, 2014
The premiere of the film "Kelly & Cal" starring Juliette Lewis. Manic Panic® hair color plays a major role in this film as Juliette's character colors her hair Atomic™ Turquoise.

September 3, 2014
The NYLON Beauty Awards at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel.
Manic Mixer/Pastel-izer™ won the 2014 NYLON Beauty Hit List Award.

July 11, 2014
The prestigious Wall Street Journal visits Manic Panic® headquarters for an in depth interview with Tish and Snooky. The article included this brilliant photo of Tish and Snooky showing the journalist some of their press and punk memorabilia.

June 25, 2014
The grand opening party of the Manic Panic Color Asylum Salon at Ricky's on 39th Street and Broadway in NYC.

June 24, 2014
Tish is one of the first clients at the brand new Manic Panic® Color Asylum Salon, a joint venture with Ricky's NYC/ Revolver Salons.

March 10, 2014
International Beauty Show, NYC
Maggie Mulhern interviews Tish & Snooky at the Manic Panic® Booth for Modern Salon Magazine

New York Fashion Week February 6-13, 2014

Models and Celebrities who wore Manic Panic®

Dyehard® supermodels Natalie Westling and Chloe Norgaard proudly walked the runway in their Manic Panic® hair color. Natalie talks about Manic Panic® in New York Magazine online(see article here). Chloe Norgaard donned pastel fairy princess Manic Panic® hair on the Rodarte Fall ‘14 runway. Long roots gave her look a downtown-cool vibe, and the wavy bedhead texture looks pretty pulled back in a barette!

Danish-born singing sensation Oh Land turned heads at the Anna Sui 2014 Fashion Show wearing a glorious multi-colored hair style of Manic Panic® "pastel-ized" shades. She used Lie Locks™, Bad Boy™ Blue, Cotton Candy™ Pink, Venus Envy™, Electric Banana®, Psychedelic Sunset™, and Manic Mixer/Pastel-izer™.

February 12, 2014
Christina Yi show ~ Nolcha Fashion Week @ Chelsea Piers

Manic Panic® proudly sponsored the Christina Yi show. Christina's style has been described as having a 'Dark Rock edge with Gothic romanticism' ~ a perfect match for Manic Panic® lovers!

February 9, 2014
Katya Zol at The Theatre at Lincoln Center

Team Manic Panic® attended the show of this exotic Mongolian fashion designer that included performance artists alongside ultra chic models. (Photo below courtesy of Reuters/ Front row VIPs were delighted with their Manic Panic® tote gift bags and Pink Cadillac™ hair color, courtesy of Tish & Snooky.







Team Manic Panic® gives a healthy dose of (Manic Panic®) color to the audience. Our rainbow-haired MP staffer (top left) was even featured on MTV Canada's fashion blog. At right, our Manic Panic® President Snooky® and her team pose with United States of America President Obama. Okay, that's a look-a-like Obama but Snooky® is REAL!

February 7, 2014 Lee Jean Youn at The Pavilion at Lincoln Center

Manic Panic is proud to have helped make the beautiful Lee Jean Youn show a success as a sponsor. The crowd loved the beautiful, creative clothes, and we even saw Manic Panic® sponsored artist Eryn Woods in the audience (with her Pink Cadillac™ mohawk!)

January 16, 2014: Manic Panic® on network television!

The Michael J Fox Show (Season One, Episode 14). Daughter Eve gets a crush on hip guy and tries to look cool and impress him by dyeing her hair with a purple streak. Stylist Anita Crawford used Manic Panic® products on actress Juliette Goglia: Flashlightning® 40 Volume Bleach Kit, and Purple Haze® with Violet Night™ High Voltage® hair colors. Yes she did look very cool indeed!

The making of the Blue Coupe Video: "Everybody Goes Insane"

Blue Coupe is an all-star classic rock group with band members Joe and Al Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper Band. The two chanteuses that join them on backing vocals are our gals, Tish & Snooky!

In order to get a horror movie, surreal feel the brave film crew took the band up to the wintery countryside to shoot the video.

Bone chilling letters in the title page guaranteed to make you shiver.

Who are the two apparation-like woodland creatures that appear as if from a dream? Why it's Snooky and Tish!

Behold the finished product:

Blue Coupe - Everybody Goes Insane from Ace Bouchard on Vimeo.

January 27, 2014: Hollywood California
The one and only Alice Cooper visits Manic Panic LA Style Asylum Boutique.

Pictured: Alice and Trina, LA Style Asylum mananger.
Recently, the band Blue Coupe also recorded a song called 'Hallows Grave' which Alice Cooper sung lead vocals on, and Tish & Snooky did backups! You can find this on Blue Coupe's Million Miles More album.

January 19, 2014: Los Angeles, CA
Manic Panic® backstage and in the merch booth at The International Swingers show at Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza.

The International Swingers are an all-star group comprised of Clem Burke (Blondie) Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), James Stevenson (Generation X + The Cult + Gene Loves Jezebel) and Gary Twinn (Speedtwinn). Tish and Snooky are always happy to support their old Blondie bandmate Clem and the gang.