This section is dedicated to you DYEHARDS, specifically to the wonderful letters and photos that you send us.WE LOVE GETTING THEM! Thank You All from the bottom of our hearts. We wish we could post each and everyone (but you know that's impossible). Here are a few of our favorites, past and present. We will continue to update this section, so please feel free to keep 'em coming!
Dear Manic Panic: You ROCK!!! Earlier this week I placed an order with the online store, and there was a problem with my credit card. With many other companies. this would have resulted in only wasted time for the business and confusion for the customer. In comparison, the attention of Tish & Snooky's crew made troubleshooting simple, and I received my order last night. - In a world of lifelong dyehards, I'm very much a newbie, but in only few months I've become a devotee. Flashlightning® bleach kit is the only kit I've ever used that effectively removed ALL the pigment from my naturally dark hair (currently AfterMidnight™Blue) and of the colors I've tried so far, I haven't had one that didn't turn out beautifully. There really is no substitute for the original. - Also in this order, I tried my first MANIC PANIC wig, and I'm in love with it already. I can't believe such a gorgeous item for such a reasonable price! My friends say I wear costumes, not clothes, and i can't wait for the double-takes when I show up with my Vamp™ hair :) - Tish & Snooky's philosophy of "we don't just sell it - we live it" is evident in the quality of MANIC PANIC's products and service, and I will most definitely be back. Here's hoping that 60 years from now, when I decide to shake up the nursing home as a pink-haired octogenarian, MANIC PANIC will be there to make it happen. - Katie
“Phaerex” by Jonathan Lourenco painted in 100% Manic Panic nail polish! "I had the Idea to do a series of paintings in nail polish as a fundraiser (to assist individuals with medical expenses). Why nail polish? Nail Polish is not only an uncommonly used medium, it was also the most challenging medium I could think of and I want this series to display my dedication to it’s mission statement. When I told Tish and Snooky about the project they where more than happy to donate some time and a beautiful variety of nail polish to the cause.Why specifically Tish and Snooky’s Manic Panic nail polish? I wanted to use a medium that would effectively symbolize rock, pop, and subculture in general to convey the light in which I see my friend in a word, Awesome. As I’m sure you know, Tish and Snooky’s Manic Panic had a big effect on the development of NYC glam rock and punk culture, which in turn effected the world, that’s Awesome. Additionally aside from the cool glam reference, the enamels enabled me to capture (this subject's) self-evident ethereal glitz and aura. ". NOTE THE NEONS GLOWING UNDER BLACK LIGHT! Panic actually has such a vast palette to choose from that very little mixing was necessary
I have story for you of the glory of Manic Panic Hair Color. I stupidly went to the fancy ___* Salon here in Manhattan. I thought I would go partially blond again. Well, a couple of hundred dollars later, my hair started breaking off in clumps, the tone was far from what I had requested, and they acted like it ws my fault my hair was falling out in clumps. After a few days of trying to so something halfway decent with the straw on top of my head, I slathered my head with Plum Passion™ and Purple Haze™. I can't believe it, my hair feels like I had a hot oil treatment on my head for three days! That color repaired my hair like Jesus touched my hair with his healing hands. -Victoria
Dear Tish and Snooky: I would really like to thank you for having one of the best products out on the market. I've been "living fast and dying with MANIC PANIC" for almost 4 years now. I am proud to say MANIC PANIC hair dye has been there for every one of my crazy hairdos in that time span. I've tried so many other hair dyes to try and get good results but I always come back to using MANIC PANIC because there is truly nothing that I can even start to compare to its quality. The colors are great: very vivid and intense. The hair dye isn't even harsh on your hair , so it's convenient to change your hair color to fit your every mood. Also i'm allergic to most dyes and MANIC PANIC is so wonderful for the fact that i can use it because it has no ammonia in it! And i know I can trust the dye not to do anything odd to my hair, such as turning crazy unwanted colors. I know i can anticipate only the best results. The greatest part is that the price is more than reasonable and affordable, so I can keep my hair looking great all the time. - Sara
.. I'm writing to Thank each and everyone of you for my recent order to the Manic Panic haircolor.....I called the Manic Panic number - I @ first recieved an answer from a very helpful young man, Thank You so much for explaining to me about the differences in your products and then further connecting me so I was able to place an order.. with a very helpful young woman. I was excited to even recieve my haircolors via delivery the very next day !!* - I had been in search of your shade Atomic Turquoise - I purchased the orginal, gel and the newer Amplified. I am a Sally's Beauty Supply professional part time worker (as one job) so I professionally bleached my hair to a slight off violet platinum almost one month prior.. and had been using a Sally's Turquoise coloring in which would rinse out, even when not shampooing the hair about every 2 days to a very dull looking teal, almost a chlorine green/blue - to pastel blue. Since my company does not sell the Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise this is when i had given your prodcuts a try by placing my order. I first tried your orginal verison and my hair was still pourous enough to keep your shade bright for about 2-3 weeks before it began to fade out, and it wasn't until my 4th hair cut when my natural  hair roots had really popped through that I started to now get a yellow green tint from my own bleach, yet still your hair coloring leaving me brighter Turquoise.. a little faded, but i hadn't even needed to re-dye my hair for almost one month with your shade - compared to every 2-3 days with the other product i had first tried - obviously i had fallen in love with your products. Since the trial of the Atomic Turquoise I have also purchased, Mystic Heather, Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy Pink, Midnight Blue, Red Passion, and I am now about to order other colors. (at left is) a picture of the Atomic Turquoise . I am writing and sharing with you my excitiment and graditude of the high quality of your products and love sharing with you or anyone else the differnces as to how we can all achieve each of our own hair shades, after all hair coloring is never an exact science. I also love the fact that your products are Vegan - i'm as to what some of my clients call a very good, yet - young at heart Veterinarian Technician/Student. Most of my clients love my hair color(s) ever since i have switched to Manic Panic - I'm even convincing the Vet i also work for to go bold and daring by trying your products !!. I have been having fun with hair - Especially since i do not have the patience to out grow the "do" - So Thank You Very Much for you time and the great quality of all of your products - I look forward to having a new shade of hair every month, at least - and will now only reccommend Manic Panic as the best vivid shades of haircoloring to anyone who likes my own hair, or whom would like to achieve their own vivid shades of hair. Thanks Again and I look forward to truely now having a blast with hair !!* Much love and Many Smiles - * a new dye hard fan of Manic Panic... Always........ ~Karen K *** of CT **
15 year old Rebecca Collins wrote this wonderful article on MANIC PANIC and it was published in her school newspaper!
I'm honestly very very thankful for your site, not to mention your products. Your tips are seriously helpful! My natural hair is a dark dark brown, and bleaching will drain the life from it, since I've dyed my hair so many times before. But the tips I got from your site are more than enough for me. Most people producing products dont realize the benefit of offering tips! 'Cause just givin' us the products is so not enough. I think only people who sincerely have a good heart are capable of  thinking of such helpful things and then actually putting them into play. It means your customers are important to you, and thats great! Also, I had the worst time trying to find a shade similar to After Midnight Blue or just any blue! I finally searched online and quickly found Manic Panic hair dyes, and I was super happy! Hah, honestly, I was like "yeee haww."And another thing is how I'm the only one amongst my friends who would highlight my hair in an unnatural shade! And I'm not gothic, or punky really so its not very easy for me too off and find weird hair dyes without getting looks from "real" people who arents "posers." But Manic Panic makes is so easy for me, and which I love you two for! - Thanks a milllion gazillion!
Hello my name is Dolores, I have been using Manic Panic since 1998, I have also just recent resued a year old puppy from the shelter. She was an abused pup and was in need of love and care, I just wanted to think you for not only producing the greatest hair dye ever, but also for caring enough to help animals in need. I hope someday everyone can realize that we all need to do our part to save abused doogies like mine was.Thank you for everything -Dolores
Hello! My name is Lauren, aka, Lola and I have been using your products religiously ever since I was 13. I'll never forget my parent's faces when first saw me in my hot pink rebellion. That day was the day I KNEW I was destined to be a hairdresser. After graduating highschool I attended the J Aveda Institute in East Lansing, MI and studied cosmetology. Whenever I felt my confidence in my decision slipping, I'd go home, read your Bio and remember what I started this all for. I want to give people what you both give everyday. A feeling of individuality, inner and outer beauty and most of all, having fun with your life. I think the two of you come a long way and have done an amazing job, and I wish the best of to you in all your endeavors. Again, thank you so much for giving me direction in life and not even knowing it. Keep on rockin' babes. - Lola
My name's Cecilia Lopez and I'm a Graphic Design major at CSU Fresno and for one of my classes we had to create a cartoon mascot for a product. So I chose Manic Panic since I've been using your dyes for a couple years now. In researching the product the phrase that stood out the most to me was that your product "catered to the punk rock and alternative crowd" and I created "Manic Panic Molly". She was painted with gouache and then scanned and here's the final product. I had fun designing her and love how it came out. My boyfriend encouraged me to send it so you can check it out too. I hope you think she's cute!!!- Cecilia Lopez
I'm a 21 year old girl that lives in Norway, and a rather rural part of the country too, so getting hair dyes and stuff can be.. challenging... Unless you want to use a month's payment and go to a hairdresser, that is.
I randomly surfed around the internet and somehow found the Manic Panic site. I checked some of the colours and just instantly fell in love with the Atomic Turquoise. But considering the fact that I work as a cashier at the moment, I thought I'd try a "safer" colour first. I really liked the Infra Red, and ordered it, the Virgin Snow and the Atomic. First thing that amazed me was the insanely quick delivery. I had expected a month or two (customs can be moody), it took less than two weeks! (not counted the holidays, I ordered it just before Easter) I was thrilled :)
I decided that I didn't want a -too- bold red, so I applied it directly in my unbleached (and dry), light brown/bronze hair (before pic) I used gloves and rubbed it in, then combed through it. I left it in for approximately two hours, and then rinsed with -very- cold water until the water was clear (That took a loooong time). Then I used a hair dryer to get it dry fast.
When I looked into the mirror I nearly got a heart attack. It got REALLY red! I'd -never- expected such a vibrant colour in my unbleached hair. It was amazing! The colour is so beautiful, I've never seen such a pretty red. Unfortunately I only have a webcam pic. It doesn't give the colour full justice. It's so incredibly beautiful and so strong! I love it! And I cant' wait to see how long it stays, and I really look forward to trying the Atomic :) Thank you so much! - Maya
Cotton Candy Pink™ haired Becca took her own photo with a digital camera to create this magazine ad for her computer class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Along with a shot of her boyfriend and a jar of MANIC PANIC® hair color, she put together this awesome design. Becca, we give you an A PLUS for expressing yourself in this MANIC PANIC® way!
I've been using Manic Panic's After Midnight Blue hair dye for a few years and I just wanted to write in and say how much I love the color.  I work in a public library as the teen librarian and it's a great ice breaker when working with the teens.  I get stopped a lot at when I work at our reference desk and complimented on the color.  Having blue hair was part of the reason I got the job that I have now; some of our library's teens were on the job interview panel and their previous teen librarian had vibrant pink hair.  Seeing someone else with an unusual color put them a bit more at ease with the whole interview.  When I first went with blue, I tried other dyes and found that they faded badly in a week or two.  My stylist recommended I use Manic Panic and I've stuck with it since.  Thank you so much for making such a great product!  I make sure to recommend it all the time! - Bonnie