Hot motorcycle babes! Snooky and Tish and pal.
-photo by Paul Zone
Snooky bewitching Paul Zone with a pretty vacant stare.
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MANIC PANIC 1977 shot by Roberta Bailey
(hey there's that motorcycle again!)
Middle photos: early partner Gina with Tish and Snooky. Bottom photo: Anya Philips and Stiv Bator of the Dead Boys (wearing a "Free Son of Sam" tee shirt made by Tish).
Vintage Snooky and Tish performance. So sweet and innocent.
In 1986 Tish and Snooky indulged Michael Musto and the Village Voice by submitting to a "style makeover". Thank godness it was just for a photoshoot and they didn't give up their Manic ways!
Lookin' mighty sex-ay in '77! Below is Snooky and the incredible Arturo Vega, a visual artist who conceptualized the logos and look of the Ramones. Read more about him by clicking on his pix.
A band I got to see a lot of was the Sic F*ck's, fronted by the very talented singer songwriter Russell Wolinsky.  Wolinsky was the Frank Zappa of punk rock, but he did Frank two better by having the Manic Panic girl's, Tish and Snooky, as his flamboyant backup singers. His songs lampooned everything and everybody, from Punk rock to Lou Reed. Their shows were punk cabaret, with Russell as the grandmaster of ceremonies, and Tish and Snooky bringing hilarity to his tales. He was always a little bit drunk, but he never lost his stage presence. Rhythm guitar in hand, his hair like Tiny Tim's, his skin alabaster white, he was young and beautiful! His cheeks held the rosy glow of a young alcoholic, and his songs were hysterical!  Tish & Snoky dressed as Nuns, were sexy, spicy, and delicious. When the Sic F*ck's played CBGB, high and low theater collided. Borsht belt humor mixed with German decadence. There was a period where they played the club often, drawing large, adoring crowds. Why they didn't make it is a mystery. Perhaps the record companies had no idea how to market them, or were put off by their name. Or maybe Russell drank too much and didn't give a f*ck, ha. It's really too bad though, that one of the best bands of that scene are so little documented or celebrated.
Tom Walker
S*c Fucks Review by Tom Walker
The Sic F*ck's bassist "Stink" , that stunning gentleman in the white shades (second from the right end) , is also known as Andy Bale. He is know the famous WHUD disk jockey "Andy in the Afternoon", and Snooky's sweetheart for over 30 years. They were married in 2001. (read article)
PALM CASINO REVUE - BOWERY LANE THEATRE NYC 1974. Before punk and at the dawn of the Glam movement, Tish & Snooky performed in this famous extravaganza with its famboyant cast of freaks, hippies, drag queens, and gender-benders decked out in sparkle and feathers. The Cast inlcuded members of the legendary Cockettes .
Snooky and Tish
None more fabulous.
An excerpt from the book "BLONDIE"
by the legendary Lester Bangs
Great Sic F*ck moment: "Spanish Bar Mitzvah"
Tish and photgrapher Glem O'brien who is wearing one of the infamous "Son of Sam/.44 Killer" Tee Shirts created by Tish herself, sold at the original MANIC PANIC shop exclusively. It was the summer of '77 after all!
P.S> Tish also made that cool jolly roger bra top out of 2 boat flags and some rubber string.
Tish, Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys, and Snooky living it up Hollywood style.
-photo by Donna Santisi from the book Ask The Angels <click on title to learn more
Hollywood, CA 1978: Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys gives Tish a little coca-cola conditioner on her MANIC PANIC hair while Snooky gets the big tease from friend Bill Muller.
Hollywood, CA 1978: The travelling Bellomo sisters met up with Goofy who looked at Tish in amazement and exclaimed: "PURPLE HAIR!!!???"
Paul with Debbie Harry of Blondie..