Dyehards just like me and you!
Myndy K has had 'every flavor of pink hair imaginable'..Her current favor of MANIC PANIC recipe is Deadly Nightshade™ & Hot Hot Pink™.
She is an NYC based underground dance recording artist and club personality. Her techno trance hit "MOMENTS" reached #14 on the Billboard dance charts in clubs throughout the East Coast.
This is ROCK-L,
Myndy K's manager and best friend.
She is "addicted to turquoise hair":a delicate combination of MANIC PANIC Atomic Turquoise™ & Shocking Blue™.These two gals make quite a glamorous team!
This is ELIZABETH's high school graduation photo.This gorgeous young lady wears 10 MANIC PANIC® Hair colors at one time! She wrote us: "in my hair there are so many colors I'm not quite sure I could name them all if I tried. Predominantly there's Fuschia Shock™, Electric Sunshine™, Flaming™, Ultra Violet™, Purple Haze™, Hot Hot Pink™, Lagoon Blue™, Electric Lizard™, Electric Banana™ and Tiger Lily™. I mix a lot of my own colours". What an incredible gal!
SEAN "found your product at one of our local punk stores and decided to give it a try. First I used (Flashlightning®) 40 Volume Bleach and ...then put on Electric Lizard™ for a half hour. It came out perfect!"

KEOKI Named for the mysterious bastard son of a legendary Hawaiin king, "Superstar DJ" Keoki has been on the forefront "of a whole new kind of musical expression". The sound he promotes is not the only thing that is groundbreaking.... check out his awesome MANIC PANIC™ Bad Boy Blue™ (the color formerly known as Lagoon Blue™) leopard-print hair style (place mouse over photo for a close-up view of his incredible "do"). Keoki , "Bad Boy of Techno" is pretty bad when it comes to hair color and style!
KENNE wrote to us: "I am a recent "convert" to MANIC PANIC's FLASHLIGHTNING™. After spending hundreds of dollars for double processes at the best salons in Florida, no one was able to bring me from my natural jet black hair to a PLATINUM/White blonde....until I found you guys!I was told by "expert" colorists that my dark hair would never reach the platinum/white color I wanted!" This pop/dance music singer is now "white as Andy" with his awesome MANIC PANIC FLASHLIGHTNING™ hair..."Now I literally get strangers remarking how "stunning" my hair looks and how they can get the same color, too!" Kenne, don't worry... you're an original no matter what others may do!.
says her hair is "one of her most prized possessions" on her website that features photos of her beautiful locks dyed in a variety of MANIC PANIC Hair Colors. She is a horse lover, Wiccan, and her favorite music is Punk. She's a true MANIC-PANIC-CHICK after Tish and Snooky's own hearts.
HALEY (left) is a professional hair stylist from Wichita Kansas who uses MANIC PANIC hair color ""with great results" on herself and her clients. She mixed Ultra Violet and Hot Hot Pink and applied it to a section of her blonde hair to create this unique style. She used Hot Hot Pink on the streaks on the bangs, side and back of her client, BAZAL (right). Gorgeous gorgeous!
VICTORIA WELLS from Animal Planet's Animal Precinct TV Series is an A-number-one Dyehard! She writes us: " I use a combination of Ultra Violet™, Purple Haze™, and Plum Passion™. I frequently get fan mail addressed to my hair. Everyone knows me as the girl with the purple hair who works with the dogs at the ASPCA".
NAOMI " just wanted to write you both and say Thank You for making such amazing hair products I Love You guys . I went to sooo many hair salons wanting them to bleach My hair so I could have it bright red and I got the same answer from all of them YOU"LL BURN YOUR HAIR then I took matters into My own hands and went and bought a flash lightning kit and I've never been so happier, My hair is now pillar box red and I'm loving it. I've included some pictures hope You enjoy them and THANKS again I'll always be a loyal fan of Your products."
JAMES sports some wild designs with his MANIC PANIC hair color. He writes us "my barber cut a design in my hair (left) and then applied Shocking™ Blue and Pillarbox Red™ (to get the American Flag design). Below is a funky NASCAR logo!
CHAZ likes to dress up as a member of his favorite rock band...can you guess who that is? "Goth-Boy" Chaz uses MANIC PANIC® GOTH WHITE™ foundation, Raven™ lipstick & pencil from the MANIC PANIC® GOTHIC GLAMOUR™ cosmetics line to achieve this one of his many cool looks. His fave product: the GOTHIC GLAMOUR™ KIT.
is a Philly Roller Girl skating with the Heavy Metal Hookers. She writes us "I'm 33 but my mom says it's cool for me to model for you". That's right, dyehards...you all need parental permission for us to post your photo. Look out for this blocker in her Pillarbox Red™ Manic Panic hair!
"THE KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN" with his array of creative MANIC PANIC Hair Color styles, Michael brings color to his hometown of Aspen CO (place mouse over photo for rollover images)
JENNIFER smiles when she's got the blues! Blue MANIC PANIC Hair Color that is. She wrote: " I currently have AFter Midnight and Shocking Blue hair with an Atomic Turquoise streak.Thanx for making Manic Panic and thanx for not testing on animals!!" She has some advise for newbie dyehards: "always have a friend help bleach your roots: nothing is worse than awesome color with a brown spot on the back of your head!"
Glamorous MIKALYN loves her MANIC PANIC Hair Color! She wears (clockwise): Vampire Red™, Electric Banana™, Ultra Violet™,Atomic Turquoise™. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous lady?
GABE is one of our favorite DYEHARDS! He is a regular user of MANIC PANIC Hair Color. His photo has appeared in MANIC PANIC ads and on our displays and we love him! At the International Beauty Show, he came to our booth and received this "MANIC MAKEOVER" . We bleached his hair with Flashlightning® and applied Pillarbox Red™... here are photos from start to finish to Gabe glowing under the black light!
Are you a MANIC PANIC® DYEHARD? Send us an E-mail with your photo at: manic_dyehards@yahoo.com.
(Please make sure it's high res and include a description of the color you used and process you followed).
We are always looking to add more photos to the site and sometimes look ing for models for posters and stuff.
We have a contest and feature on our website: MANIC PANIC® DYEHARD OF THE MONTH!
You can win free hair color (and related MP products).
KRYSTEN 's mom wrote us: "she is 14 years old, and the principal of her school called us one day and told us to come and pick her up because she couldn't have that "hair color in school" (it was Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink). Well I went down and argued with him and told him to show me the rules,where it says she can't have that color, well the rule book didn't say anything about it at all so he finally told her she could go back to class.Yeah for her and Manic Panic.". And yay for you too, Mom! You and Krysten are both Manic Panic DYEHARDS!
This is ADAM all the way from the U.K. with his Electric Banana™ (f/k/a/ Flavine). He writes us that he is 25 and has been dyeing with MANIC PANIC since he was 15. He says that in London there are very few people with yellow hair so he stands out quite a bit! He's got a wild band called Synthetic Pleasures. You GO, Adamissimo!
D.G.K. Goldberg , free lance writer and Bram Stoker Finalist for her first novel "Skating on the Edge" also wrote a Gorthic novel titled "....Doomed to Repeat It". She told us there is a whole subculture of horror writers who love MANIC PANIC! In this photo she is wearing "Purple Haze™" like any self-respecting Goth Gal. This exceptional Dyehard is gone but not forgotten. ..she's forever in our hearts . Read her work!
The lovely SARAH writes: "I have been using MANIC PANIC for almost 10 years now, and I've had every color of the rainbow. I get my hair done professionally and she always uses MANIC PANIC on my hair. Here I used a combination of Divine Wine™, Electric Lava™, Hot hot Pink™, and Fuschia Shock™. My hairstylist did it. She is amazing with colors! We change it all the time! MANIC PANIC is great because I have hair A.D.D. and always want to change the colors. Great color, no hardcore damage to my hair, no commitment."
PANDORA is a seventeen year old guy from Philly, an artist of all forms,who writes alot of poetry and stories, and loves dying his hair." I have used only Manic Panic...in this photo I mixed Plum Passion™ with Hot Hot Pink™"
And the MANIC PANIC DYEHARD certificate of bravery goes to.....
JENNIFER HARMON the Blue haired Subsitute teacher who got fired from her job for having MANIC PANIC Hair Color!
Shw wites us: " I use After Midnight Blue and Ultra-Violet half and half. I was told I could teach if I had "naturally colored" hair and took out my piercing. I'm not going to change a thing! I love your products. What would I do without MANIC PANIC?"
Read her story "
The teacher with the blue do"

Tish and Snooky say: "That is so cool! We wish we had her as a sub way back when! We did have some blue haired teachers but that was because they were using too much laundry bluing on the natural gray hair!"

6 year old JACOB is showing off his After Midnight Blue 'hawk". He wrote us: "I'm a a natural blond so we are lucky enough to skip the Flashlightning. This product rocks! Not to mention that it sure does make some heads turn!! I just wanted to thank you again for your awesome product, it really has let me express who I am, and nothing is better than that!!"
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PAM lives in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. "I started to dy my hair using Manic Panic when I moved here in Dec. 2007. I bought the product on line and had it shipped here. I also found a great hairdresser who had a lot of fun using so many colours. I get stopped all the time by people who tell me they love my hair, especially the Arab women here.  I love your product !!!!
Ivana, my hairdresser, used Atomic Turquoise, Purple Haze, After Midnight Blue, Hot Hot Pink and Vampire Red. I just love it. I get stopped several times a day here--by both young girls and older women who also love it !!!"
NIKKI writes: " I'm 25 and I dye my hair using Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink™ all the time. I'm a rockin mom, and my 1 year old loves it. She now knows what color it is, so Manic Panic has helped with learning! It is so easy to get my hair this color. I am legally blind, and do my hair by myself. I have very dark hair and do use a bleaching kit to lighten my hair first. To me it will give the best color results. if a blind/visually impaired person can do it, then it must be easy enough for anyone to do. I have used Manic Panic for years, and will not use anything else. It makes me feel beautiful and great about myself. I really wish I could see, because I love to see others reactions. I have noticed that older people really like it. Its great, thanks Manic Panic!"
GEN from Holland is an avid user of MANIC PANIC Hair Color and Cosmetics.
"The little town where I spend my school days at isn’t very used to people that like to stand out. So when I go to school on my bike, I always have a lot of staring people. One thing that’s really cute is the fact that little children stare at me, with big twinkling eyes. One time this little girl, with blonde hair came to me at the mall. Her mother protectively behind her, she stared at me and asked smiling “Miss? Are you that fairy from that Cartoon?” that was one of the cutest things someone ever said about my hair! I told her that I wasn’t a fairy, and that she could have the hair color too. Her mother didn’t liked that last line from me, I guess she liked the blonde her from her daughter a little to much. :D And that kind of comments really make me smile, I mean, what is a better compliment than hearing from a child that you look like a fairy? And that all thanks to the magically colors from MANIC PANIC, they bring a little color to the crowd"