Manic Panic®: Awards


Tish & Snooky's® MANIC PANIC® NYC has been the proud recipient of many awards throughout the years. Here are some of our favorites:

December 2014 PETA2 voted the revolutionary MANIC™ MIXER / PASTEL-IZER™ BEST CRUELTY FREE HAIR PRODUCT OF 2014. Honoring us with our 2nd Libby award, PETA loves Manic Panic® hair products because all the ingredients are guaranteed 100% vegan and tested on celebrities not animals. Manic™ Mixer Pastel-izer™ was developed especially to create lighter shades with our semi-permanent hair colors. Since the product's release in early 2013, "pastel -ized" Manic Panic® colored hair has been the #1 hairstyle trend seen on celebrities and fashion models in magazines and runways, as well as on the street. The product is favored by countless celebrity stylists who use it to create unique Manic Panic® hair color blends.

A TWO-TIME AWARD WINNER! September 2014 Nylon Magazine presents the hit product MANIC PANIC® MANIC™ MIXER / PASTEL-IZER™ with A Nylon Beauty Award. Pictured at right: Snooky and Tish proudly holding the award statuette.


September 2012 Nylon Magazine presents MANIC PANIC® AMPLIFIED Hair Color with A Nylon Beauty Award in a feature in their September 2012 issue.

October 13, 2011: Women Presidents Organization honored our Eileen (Snooky) Bellomo with the prestigious “Women of Color” Award presented by One Hundred Black Men Inc.

PETA2, the youth division of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals awarded MANIC PANIC® HAIR DYE the BEST CRUELTY FREE HAIR PRODUCT OF 2007.

Animal lovers and animal rights actvitsts Tish & Snooky® make sure that Manic Panic® hair color not only rocks hard but its unique formula contains no animal ingredients and is tested on celebrities, not animals™!


Swinging England… MANIC PANIC® once again participates at LondonEdge, the most cutting edge trade show on the planet that caters to purveyors of PUNK and GOTH style. In February of 2008 the show's organizers bestow the “Best Looking Booth” Award to Tish & Snooky's® MANIC PANIC® NYC.

This silver skull goblet is so cool!

crainsIn 2002 Tish and Snooky Bellomo, on behalf of Tish & Snooky's® MANIC PANIC® NYC, were awarded the Best Small Business Award by the pretigious CRAIN’S Magazine.

Receiving this honor was an outstanding accomplishment for two sisters who built Manic Panic® with their own hands from the ground up, with no business knowledge or background. The fact that Manic Panic® is a success today is a tribute to the perserverence and faith of the fabulous Bellomo sisters!


Thank You all so much for the honors!
—Tish & Snooky and MANIC PANIC